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The unique aspect of StemRxiv is that it is a dedicated portal for stem cell researchers to discover the latest research findings before they are published in peer-reviewed journals. It is the one place to visit to uncover the latest updates from the area of stem cell research that is of interest to you. This section of the website allows you to: (a) search for stem cell content via a single point of access; and (b) search preprints by general topics and/or predefined categories.

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A synergistic activation of RARb and RARg nuclear receptors restores cell-types specialization during stem cells differentiation by hijacking RARa-controlled programs

Koshy A, Mathieux E, Stüder F, Bramoulle A, Lieb M, Colombo BM, Gronemeyer H, Mendoza-Parra MA.
1 June 2022

Isthmal stem cells sustain intestinal homeostasis and regeneration

Malagola E, Vasciaveo A, Ochiai Y, Kim W, Middelhoff M, Nienhüser H, Belin B, LaBella J, Zamechek L, Wong M, Li L, Guha C, Yan K, Califano A, Wang T.
28 April 2022

Developmental Morphogens Direct Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Towards an Annulus Fibrosus-Like Cell Phenotype

Peredo AP, Tsinman TK, Bonnevie ED, Jiang X, Smith HE, Gullbrand SE, Dyment NA, Mauck RL.
6 May 2022

Hox11-expressing interstitial cells contribute to adult skeletal muscle at homeostasis

Flynn CG, Guo Q, Van Ginkel PR, Hrycaj SM, McDermott AE, Madruga A, Wellik DM.
17 June 2022

Generation of Functional Human T Cell Development in NOD/SCID/IL2rγ<sup>null</sup> Humanized Mice Without Using Fetal Tissue: Application as a Model of HIV Infection and Persistence

Colas C, Volodina O, Béland K, Pham TN, Li Y, Dallaire F, Soulard C, Lemieux W, Colamartino AB, Tremblay-Laganière C, Dicaire R, Guimond J, Patey N, Vobecky S, Poirier N, Cohen ÉA, Haddad E.
30 May 2022

Serotype-Specific Transduction of Canine Joint Tissue Explants and Cultured Monolayers by Self-Complementary Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors

Kim Ay, Goodrich L, Duerr F, Phillips J, Samulski R, Grieger J.
Research Square
16 June 2022

N-acetylcysteine Regulates Dental Follicle Stem Cell Osteogenesis and Oral Bone Repair via ROS scavenging

Meng Z, Liu J, Feng Z, Guo S, Wang M, Wang Z, Sui L, Li H.
Research Square
31 May 2022

Tissue and cell-type specific molecular and functional signatures of 16p11.2 reciprocal genomic disorder across mouse brain and human neuronal models

Tai DJ, Razaz P, Erdin S, Gao D, Wang J, Nuttle X, de Esch CE, Collins RL, Currall BB, O’Keefe K, Burt ND, Yadav R, Wang L, Mohajeri K, Aneichyk T, Ragavendran A, Stortchevoi A, Morini E, Ma W, Lucente D, Hastie A, Kelleher RJ, Perlis RH, Talkowski ME, Gusella JF.
13 May 2022

Common anti-cancer therapies induce somatic mutations in stem cells of healthy tissue

Kuijk E, Kranenburg O, Cuppen E, Hoeck Av.
Research Square
22 March 2022

Inactivation of histone chaperone HIRA unmasks a link between normal embryonic development of melanoblasts and maintenance of adult melanocyte stem cells

Jaber-Hijazi F, Swaminathan K, Gilroy K, Wenzel AT, Lagnado A, Kirschner K, Robertson N, Reid C, Fullarton N, Pawlikowski J, Blyth K, Mesirov JP, Rai TS, Passos JF, Machesky LM, Adams PD.
22 April 2022

Quality assurance of hematopoietic stem cells by macrophages determines stem cell clonality

Wattrus SJ, Smith ML, Rodrigues CP, Hagedorn EJ, Budnik B, Zon LI.
8 March 2022

Mechanosensitive hormone signaling promotes mammary progenitor expansion and breast cancer progression

Northey JJ, Yui Y, Hayward M, Stashko C, Kai F, Mouw JK, Thakar D, Lakins JN, Ironside AJ, Samson S, Mukhtar RA, Hwang ES, Weaver VM.
20 April 2022

Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate erectile dysfunction in rats with diabetes mellitus through the attenuation of ferroptosis

Feng H, Liu Q, Deng Z, Li H, Zhang H, Song J, Liu X, Liu J, Wen B, Wang T.
Research Square
8 April 2022

Expanding adult tubular microvessels on stiff substrates with endothelial cells and pericytes from the same tissue

Song X, Yu Y, Mu J, Wang Z, Leng Y, Xu Y, Zhu H, Qiu X, Li P, Li J, Wang D.
12 April 2022

<i>De novo</i> annotation of lncRNA <i>HOTAIR</i> transcripts by long-read RNA capture-seq reveals a differentiation-driven isoform switch

Potolitsyna E, Pickering SH, Tooming-Klunderud A, Collas P, Briand N.
17 June 2022

Dynamic DNA methylation reveals novel <i>cis-</i>regulatory elements in murine hematopoiesis

Schönung M, Hartmann M, Krämer S, Stäble S, Hakobyan M, Kleinert E, Aurich T, Cobanoglu D, Heidel FH, Fröhling S, Milsom MD, Schlesner M, Lutsik P, Lipka DB.
3 June 2022

Dynamic tissue-specific H2Bub1 is required for human and mouse cardiogenesis

Barish S, Drozd J, Berg K, Berglund-Brown I, Khizir L, Wasson L, Seidman C, Seidman J, Chen S, Brueckner M.
Research Square
1 April 2022

PRC2 clock: a universal epigenetic biomarker of aging and rejuvenation

Moqri M, Cipriano A, Nachun D, Murty T, de Sena Brandine G, Rasouli S, Tarkhov A, Aberg KA, van den Oord E, Zhou W, Smith A, Mackall C, Gladyshev V, Horvath S, Snyder MP, Sebastiano V.
5 June 2022

Human Integrin α10β1-Selected Mesenchymal Stem Cells Home To Cartilage Defects In The Rabbit Knee And Assume A Chondrocyte-Like Phenotype

Andersen C, Uvebrant K, Mori Y, Aarsvold S, Jacobsen S, Berg LC, Lundgren-Åkerlund E, Lindegaard C.
Research Square
15 March 2022

Enhance the Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Through the Addition of Osteogenesis Peptide During Cell Type-based Periods

Song Y, Li H, Feng F, Shi J, Li J, Wang L, Liao L, Xie B, Ma S, Li S, Zhang Y, Liu B, Yang Y, Zhou P.
Research Square
16 March 2022

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