StemMeets on StemJournal Website (for stem cell researchers)

About StemMeets

StemMeets is an open access forum for stem cell researchers. Its aim is to provide researchers with the options to communicate abstracts and proceedings, plus posters, meeting, conference, and workshop reports across the full spectrum of stem cell research.

StemMeets is associated with StemJournal and is a component part of the StemHub.

Open Portal for Stem Cell Researchers

StemMeets contains content relating to meetings, such as:

The first portion of StemMeets opened for content was the Meeting Abstracts.

The next section of StemMeets to open for submissions relates to Poster Reports.

The other sections of StemMeets are also open for submissions. For information, contact: stemjournal@iospress.com

This portal will offer a single point of access and a “one-stop-shop” for stem cell research as part of our open science trajectory of: Poster – Preprint – Paper.

Aims & Scope

StemMeets  is an open access forum for communicating abstracts and proceedings, plus posters, meeting, conference, and workshop reports across all research areas on stem cells, including basic biology, clinical applications, disease modeling, computational and systems biology, and data science. Selected conference papers will also be published as special issues or proceedings in StemJournal after undergoing peer review.