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Combining Stem Cell Rejuvenation and Senescence Targeting to Synergistically Extend Lifespan

Kaur P, Otgonbaatar A, Ramamoorthy A, Zhen Chua EH, Harmston N, Gruber J, Tolwinski NS.
22 April 2022

The extracellular matrix fibulin 7 maintains epidermal stem cell heterogeneity during skin aging

Raja E, Changarathil G, Oinam L, Ngo YX, Tsunezumi J, Ishii R, Sasaki T, Imanaka-Yoshida K, Yanagisawa H, Sada A.
2 March 2022

PBX1-SIRT1 positive feedback loop attenuates ROS-mediated HF- MSC senescence and apoptosis

Wang Y, Sui Y, Niu Y, Liu D, Xu Q, Liu F, Zuo K, Liu m, Sun W, Wang Z, Liu Z, Zou F, Shi J, Liu Xm, Liu J.
Research Square
15 April 2022

Early and lifelong effects of APOE4 on neuronal gene expression networks relevant to Alzheimer’s disease

Grone BP, Zalocusky KA, Hao Y, Yoon SY, Arriola P, Huang Y.
17 June 2022

Single cell RNA sequencing reveals mechanisms underlying a senescence-like phenotype of Alveolar Macrophages during Aging

Wu Y, Zhu B, Zhang R, Goplen NP, Gao X, Narasimhan H, Shi A, Chen Y, Li Y, Dong H, Braciale TJ, Sun J.
5 June 2022

Loss of transcriptional heterogeneity in aged human muscle stem cells

Barruet E, Striedinger K, Marangoni P, Pomerantz JH.
11 May 2022

Nicotinamide mononucleotide enhances the efficacy and persistence of CD19 CAR-T cells via NAD + –Sirt1 axis

Yu Z, Tong S, Zhang C, Bai Y, An Z, Xu C, Wang F, Hu Y, Zhuang Q, Zhong X.
Research Square
19 April 2022

Interferon adjusts stem cell output in the young and old brain to meet demand independently of its antiviral function

Carvajal Ibañez D, Skabkin M, Hooli J, Cerrizuela S, Göpferich M, Jolly A, Zumwinkel M, Bertolini M, Höfer T, Kramer G, Anders S, Telemann A, Marciniak-Czochra A, Martin-Villalba A.
6 February 2022

Bone-Marrow Derived Stem Cells Protocol for Premature Ovarian Failure – A case study with successful spontaneous pregnancy and delivery after treatment.

Naimat I, Alaomar S, Aljarrah M, Alkraimeen L, Alayan S, Mihai D, Mishra P.
Research Square
23 March 2022

Multiscale 3D Genome Reorganization during Skeletal Muscle Stem Cell Lineage Progression and Muscle Aging

WANG H, Zhao Y, Ding Y, He L, Li Y, Chen X, Sun H.
Research Square
30 December 2021

Single-Cell Transcriptome Analyses Reveal the Cell Diversity and Developmental Features of Human Gastric and Metaplastic Mucosa

Tsubosaka A, Komura D, Katoh H, Kakiuchi M, Onoyama T, Yamamoto A, Abe H, Seto Y, Ushiku T, Ishikawa S.
23 May 2022

Exercise reprograms the inflammatory landscape of multiple stem cell compartments during mammalian aging

Liu L, Buckley MT, Reyes JM, Kim S, Tian L, Wang M, Lieu A, Mao M, Mateo-Rodriguez C, Ishak H, Jeong M, Wu JC, Goodell MA, Brunet A, Rando TA.
12 January 2022

Multiscale 3D Genome Reorganization during Skeletal Muscle Stem Cell Lineage Progression and Muscle Aging

Zhao Y, Ding Y, He L, Li Y, Chen X, Sun H, Wang H.
21 December 2021

<i>De novo</i> stem cell establishment in meristems requires repression of organ boundary cell fate

Nicolas A, Maugarny-Calès A, Adroher B, Chelysheva L, Li Y, Burguet J, Bågman A, Smit ME, Brady SM, Li Y, Laufs P.
4 February 2022

Subventricular zone cytogenesis provides trophic support for neural repair

Williamson MR, Le SP, Franzen RL, Donlan NA, Rosow JL, Dunn AK, Jones TA, Drew MR.
16 June 2022

Ataluren Prevented Bone Loss Induced by Ovariectomy and Aging in Mice Through the BMP-SMAD Signaling Pathway

Zeng L, Gu R, Shao Y, Zhu Y, Xie Z, Liu H, Zhou Y.
Research Square
22 March 2022

Fall of Parp3 restrains Lgr5+ stem cells proliferation and mucosal renovation in intestinal aging

Peng X, Liu H, Wang J, Jiang J, Chen H, Tao J, Wu B.
Research Square
24 February 2022

JWA deficiency accelerates aging through disrupting intestinal epithelial homeostasis via Notch1/PPARγ/Stat5 axis

Li X, Liu J, Wang L, Zhou Y, Wen Y, Ding K, Zou L, Liu X, Li A, Wang Y, Fu H, Huang M, Ding G, Zhou J.
21 January 2022

Photomodulation Alleviates the Senescence of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Aging in Vitro

Shu X, Wu J, Zhang T, Ma X, Du Z, Wang L, Chen N, Zheng Y, Luo M, Wu J.
Research Square
7 March 2022

<i>In vitro</i> and <i>in vivo</i> CRISPR-Cas9 screens reveal drivers of aging in neural stem cells of the brain

Ruetz TJ, Kashiwagi CM, Morton B, Yeo RW, Leeman DS, Morgens DW, Tsui CK, Li A, Bassik MC, Brunet A.
23 November 2021

A novel Boolean network inference strategy to model early hematopoiesis aging

Hérault L, Poplineau M, Duprez E, Remy É.
10 February 2022

Reactive astrocytes transduce blood-brain barrier dysfunction through a TNFα-STAT3 signaling axis and secretion of alpha 1-antichymotrypsin

Kim H, Leng K, Park J, Sorets AG, Kim S, Shostak A, Sturgeon SM, Neal EH, McMahon DG, Schrag MS, Kampmann M, Lippmann ES.
22 February 2022

Aging-related olfactory loss is associated with olfactory stem cell transcriptional alterations in humans

Oliva AD, Issa K, Hachem RA, Jang D, Gupta R, Moseman EA, Matsunami H, Goldstein BJ.
10 August 2021

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