Preprint Portal for Stem Cell Research

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About StemRxiv

StemRxiv is a preprint portal for stem cell researchers. The aim of the portal is to provide researchers with the options to submit, publish, and access preprints across all areas of stem cell research.

StemRxiv is associated with StemJournal and is a component part of the StemHub.

Preprint Portal for Stem Cell Research

Through this StemRxiv preprint portal, you can:

SEARCH: browse preprint literature to discover the latest stem cell research

SUBMIT: upload your preprint for automatic publication in bioRxiv or medRxiv

PUBLISH: opt to simultaneously post on bioRxiv or medRxiv when submitting to StemJournal

Choose to submit your preprint via StemRxiv and to publish your study in StemJournal for you and your research to be:

  • More visible
  • More citable
  • Recognized earlier and faster!

This portal will offer a single point of access and a “one-stop-shop” for stem cell research as part of our open science trajectory of: PosterPreprintPaper.

To discover the two main elements of StemRxiv, click the links below: 
(i)  Submit
(ii) Search

You can browse the StemRxiv Preprints section here to discover more about the benefits of publishing your stem cell research as a preprint and to discover more about preprints in general. Sign up here to be informed about news and developments.

Preprint Information

To discover all that this preprint portal has to offer, you can explore the StemRxiv sub-menus in the top bar, or jump directly to the content via these links: