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Stem cell homeostasis regulated by hierarchy and neutral competition

Nakamuta A, Yoshido K, Naoki H.
23 March 2022

Interferon adjusts stem cell output in the young and old brain to meet demand independently of its antiviral function

Carvajal Ibañez D, Skabkin M, Hooli J, Cerrizuela S, Göpferich M, Jolly A, Zumwinkel M, Bertolini M, Höfer T, Kramer G, Anders S, Telemann A, Marciniak-Czochra A, Martin-Villalba A.
6 February 2022

Control of Arabidopsis shoot stem cell homeostasis by two antagonistic CLE peptide signalling pathways

Schlegel J, Denay G, Pinto KG, Stahl Y, Schmid J, Blümke P, Simon R.
16 June 2021

RSL24D1 sustains steady-state ribosome biogenesis and pluripotency translational programs in embryonic stem cells.

Durand S, Bruelle M, Bourdelais F, Bennychen B, Blin J, Isaac C, Huyghe A, Seyve A, Vanbelle C, Meyronet D, CATEZ F, Diaz J, Lavial F, Ricci E, Ducray F, Gabut M.
Research Square
4 February 2022

<i>me31B</i>regulates stem cell homeostasis by preventing excess dedifferentiation in the<i>Drosophila</i>male germline

Jensen L, Venkei ZG, Watase GJ, Bisai B, Pletcher S, Lee C, Yamashita YM.
9 April 2021

SOX transcription factors direct TCF-independent WNT/beta-catenin transcription

Mukherjee S, Luedeke DM, Brown L, Zorn AM.
26 August 2021

m6A is required for resolving progenitor identity during planarian stem cell differentiation

Dagan Y, Yesharim Y, Bonneau AR, Schwartz S, Reddien PW, Wurtzel O.
28 July 2021

Wnt/beta-catenin signalling is dispensable for adult neural stem cell homeostasis and activation

Austin SHL, Harris L, Paun O, Rigo P, Guillemot F, Urbán N.
29 December 2020

Sestrins regulate age-induced deterioration of muscle stem cell homeostasis

Yang BA, Castor-Macias J, Fraczek P, Brown LA, Kim M, Brooks SV, Lee JH, Aguilar CA.
16 December 2020

Serine Palmitoyltransferase Controls Stemness of Intestinal Progenitors

Li Y, Chaurasia B, Kaddai V, Wilkerson JL, Alan Maschek J, Cox J, Wei P, Bensard C, Meikle PJ, Clevers H, Shayman JA, Hirabayashi Y, Holland WL, Rutter J, Summers SA.
4 December 2020

RSL24D1 sustains steady-state ribosome biogenesis and pluripotency translational programs in embryonic stem cells

Durand S, Bruelle M, Bourdelais F, Bennychen B, Blin-Gonthier J, Isaac C, Huyghe A, Seyve A, Vanbelle C, Meyronet D, Catez F, Diaz J, Lavial F, Ricci EP, Ducray F, Gabut M.
29 May 2021

SUMOylated Non-canonical Polycomb PRC1.6 Complex as a Prerequisite for Recruitment of Transcription Factor RBPJ

Sotomska M, Liefke R, Ferrante F, Schwederski H, Oswald F, Borggrefe T.
Research Square
12 April 2021

OsbZIP47 an integrator for meristem regulators during rice plant growth and development

Prakash S, Rai R, Peesapati R, Vijayraghavan U.
11 May 2021

Myogenin is an Essential Regulator of Adult Myofibre Growth and Muscle Stem Cell Homeostasis

Ganassi M, Badodi S, Wanders K, Zammit PS, Hughes SM.
10 August 2020

Neurotrophic Factor-Laden Acellular Chondroitin Sulfate Scaffolds Promote Chronic Functional Recovery After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Latchoumane CV, Betancur MI, Simchick GA, Sun MK, Forghani R, Lenear CE, Ahmed A, Mohankumar R, Balaji N, Mason HD, Holmes PV, Zhao Q, Bellamkonda RV, Karumbaiah L.
21 June 2020

Wnt Regulation: Exploring Axin-Disheveled interactions and defining mechanisms by which the SCF E3 ubiquitin ligase is recruited to the destruction complex

Schaefer KN, Pronobis M, Williams CE, Zhang S, Bauer L, Goldfarb D, Yan F, Major MB, Peifer M.
20 November 2019

Shavenbaby protein isoforms orchestrate the self-renewal<i>versus</i>differentiation of<i>Drosophila</i>intestinal stem cells

Al Hayek S, Alsawadi A, Kambris Z, Boquete J, Bohère J, Ronsin B, Plaza S, Lemaitre B, Payre F, Osman D.
4 May 2019

Subtle Changes in Clonal Dynamics Underlie the Age-Related Decline in Neurogenesis

Bast L, Calzolari F, Strasser M, Hasenauer J, Theis F, Ninkovic J, Marr C.
21 October 2017

A molecular network for functional versatility of <i>HECATE</i> transcription factors

Gaillochet C, Jamge S, van der Wal F, Angenent G, Immink R, Lohmann JU.
25 January 2018

Nitrate modulates stem cell dynamics by regulating <i>WUSCHEL</i> expression through cytokinins

Landrein B, Formosa-Jordan P, Malivert A, Schuster C, Melnyk CW, Yang W, Turnbull C, Meyerowitz EM, Locke JC, Jönsson H.
9 October 2017

The effect of Wnt signaling on the localization, molecular size and activity of the beta-catenin destruction complex in vivo

Schaefer KN, Zhang S, Bonello TT, Williams CE, McKay DJ, Peifer M.
17 August 2017

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