Preprints: Submit

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Options for Submitting Preprints

This section of StemRxiv has been developed to allow:

  • Posting of preprints
  • Opt to simultaneously post on bioRxiv or medRxiv when submitting to StemJournal
  • Opt to submit to StemJournal with direct transfer from bioRxiv or medRxiv

To use StemRxiv to post your preprint, you now have two options.

Option 1.

The first option – and perhaps the quickest and easiest for you – is to submit your paper in its current format directly to StemJournal (via our submission system Editorial Manager or by clicking on the relevant visual below) and we will automatically transfer it on your behalf to either the bioRxiv preprint server or the medRxiv preprint server, whichever you prefer. Our preprint transfer service makes it easy for you, as a submitting author, to post your preprints.

As a service to our authors, we are pleased to offer this option to post a preprint to bioRxiv or medRxiv during initial submission. As your paper moves through review in StemJournal, it will already be available as a preprint in either bioRxiv or medRxiv.

Your next step: During submission to StemJournal, opt-in to have your manuscript posted as a preprint; please select either bioRxiv or medRxiv.

Share your research, post as a preprint! (credit: Louis Reed)

Option 2.

The second option is for you to head over to rither bioRxiv or medRxiv and upload all your necessary files in order to have your preprint posted. You can do this by clicking the relevant visual below. From both bioRxiv and medRxiv, you still have the option to choose to submit your manuscript for consideration to StemJournal via "direct transfer" – simply pick StemJournal from the title list when you are ready to move your paper from preprint into the journal the submission process.


Submit preprint via STJ

When submitting your paper StemJournal, you have the option to automatically have the paper deposited into bioRxiv or medRxiv. Articles already in preprint are welcome to be submitted to StemJournal.


Submit preprint to bioRxiv

bioRxiv accepts preprints of articles covering all aspects of research in the life sciences.


Submit preprint to medRxiv

medRxiv accepts preprints of articles covering all aspects of research in the health sciences.