Pre-Press, Proofs, Reprints


Accepted articles will be placed online as "Pre-Press" articles 2 weeks after acceptance. This process will occur around the same time the corresponding author receives the proof. The Pre-Press file is the uncorrected proof and will be replaced by the final corrected version of the article at the time of final publication, which will be done soon after the author sends in their final corrections and/or approves the proof.

Authors should take care that their final revision of the manuscript has been carefully proofread and edited before submitting it for review, since the accepted paper will be directly published in Pre-Press after acceptance.


The corresponding author will receive a PDF proof and is asked to check this proof carefully (the publisher will execute a cursory check only). Corrections other than printer's errors, however, should be avoided. Costs arising from such corrections will be charged to the authors.

Note: Any changes to authors or title should be pointed out to the handling editor when the paper is still in review; all authors must agree to the changes and their permission stated. After acceptance but before final publication, any additions or deletions to the list of authors must be approved by the Editor-in-Chief, and all authors on the manuscript must also sign off on the changes. Please contact the Editorial Office (stemjournal@iospress.com) for more information.


An order form for reprints or additional journal copies will be provided to the corresponding author along with the pdf proof. If you wish to order reprints of an earlier published article, please contact the publisher for a quotation:

IOS Press
Tel.: +31 20 688 33 55
Email: editorial@iospress.nl

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