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Effect of Human Platelet Lysate as Cultivation Nutrient Supplement on the Expansion of Human Natal Dental Pulp Stem Cells In Vitro

Pilbauerova N, Schmidt J, Kleplova TS, Soukup T, Suchanek J.
Research Square
6 April 2022

Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells loaded β-tricalcium phosphate promote lumbar intervertebral fusion: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Zhao J, Ding B, Wang X, Gan Y, Sun X, Tian H, Zhang K, Cheng X, Zhao C.
Research Square
15 March 2022

RAC1B function is essential for breast cancer stem cell maintenance and chemoresistance of breast tumor cells

Ucar A, Chen F, Novo D, Alferez D, Pavlou K, Zhang J, Eroglu S, Humphreys N, Adamson A, Campbell A, Tournier C, Clarke R(, Brennan K, Streuli C.
Research Square
15 April 2022

Case Report: Stem cell therapy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Hassan AA, Elkins J, Hassan HY.
10 January 2022

Machine learning directed organoid morphogenesis uncovers an excitable system driving human axial elongation

Anand GM, Megale HC, Murphy SH, Weis T, Lin Z, He Y, Wang X, Liu J, Ramanathan S.
11 May 2022

HSPA1B is the Dominant Partner in the HSPA1A/HSPA1B Mediated Proteotoxic Stress Response in Placenta-Derived Stem Cells

Alharbi BM, Bugshan A, Almozel A, Alenzi R, Bouchama A, Khatlani T, Mohammad S, Malik SS.
7 May 2022

Age acquired skewed X Chromosome Inactivation is associated with adverse health outcomes in humans

Roberts AL, Morea A, Amar A, Zito A, El-Sayed Moustafa JS, Tomlinson M, Bowyer RCE, Zhang X, Christiansen C, Costeira R, Steves CJ, Mangino M, Bell JT, Wong CC, Vyse TJ, Small KS.
5 April 2022

Modified Conditioning Regimen MCE in Upfront HSCT Provides a Substantial Survival Benefit in High-risk DLBCL

Ma J, Sun S, Hu Y, Wu M, Shen L, Fulati W, Huang Z, Qian W, Chen P, Chen M, Xie Y.
Research Square
21 March 2022

Loss of RREB1 in pancreatic beta cells reduces cellular insulin content and affects endocrine cell gene expression

Mattis KK, Krentz NA, Metzendorf C, Abaitua F, Spigelman AF, Sun H, Rottner AK, Bautista A, Mazzaferro E, Perez-Alcantara M, Fox JEM, Torres JM, Weslowska-Andersen A, Yu GZ, Mahajan A, Larsson A, MacDonald PE, Davies B, den Hoed M, Gloyn AL.
5 June 2022

Prediction of broad chemical toxicities using induced pluripotent stem cells and gene networks by transfer learning from embryonic stem cell data

Yamane J, Wada T, Otsuki H, Inomata K, Suzuki M, Hisaki T, Sekine S, Kouzuki H, Kobayashi K, Sone H, Yamashita JK, Osawa M, Saito MK, Fujibuchi W.
5 November 2021

Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy for COVID-19-induced ARDS patients. A successful phase1, randomized, control-placebo group, clinical trial

Farkhad NK, Sedaghat A, Reihani H, Moghadam AA, Moghadam AB, Ghaebi NK, Khodadoust MA, Ganjali R, Tafreshian A, Afshari JT.
Research Square
24 January 2022

Microvesicle-Mediated Tissue Regeneration Mitigates the Effects of Cellular Ageing

Panagiotou N, McGuiness D, Jaminon AM, Mees B, Selman C, Schurgers L, Shiels PG.
13 April 2022

Retinoic acid signaling modulation guides <i>in vitro</i> specification of human heart field-specific progenitor pools

Zawada D, Kornherr J, Meier AB, Santamaria G, Dorn T, Ortmann D, Lachmann M, Ortiz M, Harmer SC, Nobles M, Tinker A, Pedersen RA, Grote P, Laugwitz K, Moretti A, Goedel A.
30 May 2022

Effects of MRI on Stemness Properties of Wharton’s Jelly Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Tashakori M, Asadi F, Khorram F, Manshoori A, Hosseini-Chegeni A, Kamalabadi MA, Yousefi-Ahmadipour A.
Research Square
22 November 2021

Identifying transient and stable bacteria- metabolite interactions from longitudinal multi-omics data

Zhang D, Mullish BH, Wang J, Barker G, Chrysostomou D, Gao S, Chen L, McDonald JAK, Marchesi JR, Cheng L.
Research Square
13 May 2022

Safety and Efficacy of Autologous Non-Hematopoietic Enriched Stem Cell Nebulization in Covid-19 Patients. A Randomized Clinical Trial, Abu Dhabi 2020.

Carmenate YV, Alkaabi FM, Aleman YMC, Valverde CAV, Ahmed YM, Sanna P, Almarzooqi AA, Abdelrazik A, Zambrano GMT, Mateo MW, Saliba DQ, Hadi LA, Hernandez AAB, Jimenez RAR.
Research Square
8 June 2021

A Novel CRISPR-Engineered, Stem Cell-Derived Cellular Vaccine

Chakraborty K, Chandrashekar A, Sidaway A, Latta E, Yu J, McMahan K, Giffin V, Manickam C, Kroll K, Mosher M, Reeves RK, Gam R, Arthofer E, Choudhry M, Barouch DH, Henley T.
29 December 2021

Stem cell-derived macrophages as a new platform for studying host-pathogen interactions in livestock

Meek S, Watson T, Eory L, McFarlane G, Wynne FJ, McCleary S, Dunn LE, Charlton EM, Criag C, Shih B, Regan T, Taylor R, Sutherland L, Gossner A, Chintoan-Uta C, Fletcher S, Beard PM, Hassan MA, Grey F, Hope JC, Stevens MP, Nowak-Imialek M, Niemann H, Ross PJ, Tait-Burkard C, Brown SM, Lefevre L, Thomson G, McColl BW, Lawrence AB, Archibald AL, Steinbach F, Crooke HR, Gao X, Liu P, Burdon T.
10 September 2021

Cooperativity of IGF2BP1 and ETV6-RUNX1 in the pathogenesis of ETV6- RUNX1 positive B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Sharma G, Tran TM, Bassi J, Tan Y, Jaiswal AK, Tso C, Jain A, Singh J, Chopra A, Singh A, Bakhshi S, Chattopadhyay P, Casero D, Rao DS, Palanichamy JK.
Research Square
31 May 2022

Hematologic Neoplasms As Risk Factor For Severe COVID-19: A Systematic Review Protocol

Hokama PdOM, Hokama NK, Mendes AL, Nunes-Nogueira VdS.
Research Square
15 November 2021

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