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Pellin D, Biasco L, Scala S, Serio CD, Wit EC.
31 May 2022

Cultivated autologous limbal epithelial cells (CALEC): product development, manufacture, and initial evaluation of feasibility

Jurkunas U, Yin J, Johns L, Li S, Negre H, Shaw K, Samarakoon L, Ayala A, Kheirkhah A, Katikireddy K, Gauthier A, Tone SO, Ellender S, Rodriguez DH, Daley H, Dana R, Ritz J, Armant M.
Research Square
2 June 2022

Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells loaded β-tricalcium phosphate promote lumbar intervertebral fusion: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Zhao J, Ding B, Wang X, Gan Y, Sun X, Tian H, Zhang K, Cheng X, Zhao C.
Research Square
15 March 2022

Quantitative evaluation of therapy options for relapsed/refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Li T, Hou M, Zha S, Cheng Q, Zheng Q, Li L, Yu J.
Research Square
6 May 2022

Angelman syndrome patient neuron screen identifies a potent and selective clinical ASO targeting <i>UBE3A-ATS</i> with long lasting effect in cynomolgus monkey

Jagasia R, Bon C, Rasmussen SV, Badillo S, Tehler D, Buchy D, Berrera M, Prasad M, Terrigno M, Pandya NJ, Costa V, Wang C, Pedersen L, Miller MT, Dumong Erichsen K, Joenson L, Hipp J, Bonni A, Müller L, Brändli-Baiocco A, Kremer T, Koller E, Hoener MC.
12 June 2022

Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy for COVID-19-induced ARDS patients. A successful phase1, randomized, control-placebo group, clinical trial

Farkhad NK, Sedaghat A, Reihani H, Moghadam AA, Moghadam AB, Ghaebi NK, Khodadoust MA, Ganjali R, Tafreshian A, Afshari JT.
Research Square
24 January 2022

Fanconi Anemia: Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant or Gene Therapy?

Naji P, Behfar M, Jafarian A, Hamidieh AA.
Authorea Preprints
15 December 2021

Targeting phenotypic plasticity prevents metastasis and the development of chemotherapy-resistant disease

San Juan BP, Hediyeh-Zadeh S, Rangel L, Milioli HH, Rodriguez V, Bunkum A, Kohane FV, Purcell CA, Bhuva DD, Kurumlian A, Castillo L, Lim E, Gill AJ, Ganju V, Dear R, O’Toole S, Vargas AC, Hickey TE, Goldstein LD, Lock JG, Davis MJ, Chaffer CL.
21 March 2022

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation in Newly Diagnosed Type-1 Diabetes Patients: A Phase I/II Randomized Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial

Izadi M, Nejad ASH, Moazenchi M, Masoumi S, Rabbani A, Kompani F, Asl AAH, Abbasi F, Jarooghi N, Meybodi MAM, Setoodeh A, Abbasi F, Hosseini SE, Nia FM, Yazdi RS, Navabi R, Hajizadeh-Saffar E, Baharvand H.
Research Square
27 September 2021

GD2-targeting CAR-T cells enhanced by transgenic IL-15 expression are an effective and clinically feasible therapy for glioblastoma

Gargett T, Ebert LM, Truong NT, Kollis PM, Sedivakova K, Yu W, Yeo EC, Wittwer NL, Gliddon BL, Tea MN, Ormsby R, Poonnoose S, Nowicki J, Vittorio O, Ziegler DS, Pitson SM, Brown MP.
2 May 2022

Comparative Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cultivated in Serum Free Media

Lee JY, Kang MH, Jang JE, Lee JE, Yang Y, Choi JY, Kang HS, Lee U, Choung JW, Jung H, Yoon Y, Jung KH, Hong S, Yi EC, Park SG.
Research Square
7 January 2022

Safety and efficacy of the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 in five groups of immunocompromised patients and healthy controls in a prospective open-label clinical trial

Bergman P, Blennow O, Hansson L, Mielke S, Nowak P, Chen P, Söderdahl G, Österborg A, Edvard Smith CI, Wullimann D, Vesterbacka J, Lindgren G, Blixt L, Friman G, Wahren-Borgström E, Nordlander A, Gomez AC, Akber M, Valentini D, Norlin A, Thalme A, Bogdanovic G, Muschiol S, Nilsson P, Hober S, Loré K, Chen MS, Buggert M, Ljunggren H, Ljungman P, Aleman S, the COVAXID-collaborator group (shown separately).
12 September 2021

A Systematic Approach to Identify Neuroprotective Interventions for Motor Neuron Disease

The Writing Committee for Repurposing Living Systematic Review – Motor Neuron Disease (ReLiSyR-MND), Wong C, Gregory JM, Liao J, Egan K, Vesterinen HM, Khan AA, Anwar M, Beagan C, Brown F, Cafferkey J, Cardinali A, Chiam JY, Chiang C, Collins V, Dormido J, Elliott E, Foley P, Foo YC, Fulton-Humble L, Gane AB, Glasmacher SA, Heffernan Á, Jayaprakash K, Jayasuriya N, Kaddouri A, Kiernan J, Langlands G, Leighton D, Liu J, Lyon J, Mehta AR, Meng A, Nguyen V, Park NH, Quigley S, Rashid Y, Salzinger A, Shiell B, Singh A, Soane T, Thompson A, Tomala O, Waldron FM, Selvaraj BT, Chataway J, Swingler R, Connick P, Pal S, Chandran S, Macleod MR.
13 April 2022

Safety and Feasibility of Autologous Olfactory Ensheathing Cell and Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Co-transplantation in Chronic Human Spinal Cord Injury: A Clinical Trial

Zamani H, Soufizomorrod M, Oraee-Yazdani S, Naviafar D, Akhlaghpasand M, Seddighi A, Soleimani M.
Research Square
27 April 2021

Safety and Efficacy of Autologous Non-Hematopoietic Enriched Stem Cell Nebulization in Covid-19 Patients. A Randomized Clinical Trial, Abu Dhabi 2020.

Carmenate YV, Alkaabi FM, Aleman YMC, Valverde CAV, Ahmed YM, Sanna P, Almarzooqi AA, Abdelrazik A, Zambrano GMT, Mateo MW, Saliba DQ, Hadi LA, Hernandez AAB, Jimenez RAR.
Research Square
8 June 2021

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis: A Long-Term Follow-up Analysis of the Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Shi M, Li Y, Xu R, Meng F, Yu S, Fu J, Hu J, Li J, Wang L, Jin L, Wang F.
Research Square
16 March 2021

Clinical outcome of the Intrathecal administration of the allogeneic side population Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Werdnig Hoffman patients: An open-label Phase I clinical trial

Mohseni R, Hamidieh AA, Shoae-Hassani A, Ghahvechi-Akbari M, Majma A, Mohammadi M, Nikougoftar M, Shervin-Badv R, Ai J, Montazerlotfelahi H, Ashrafi MR.
Research Square
8 December 2020

Appearance of IgG to SARS-CoV-2 in Saliva Effectively Indicates Seroconversion in mRNA Vaccinated Immunocompromised Individuals

Healy K, Pin E, Chen P, Soderdahl G, Nowak P, Mielke S, Hansson L, Bergman P, Smith E, Ljungman P, Valentini D, Blennow O, Österborg A, Gabarrini G, Al-Manei K, Alkharaan H, Sobkowiak MJ, Xu X, Akber M, Lore K, Hellstrom C, Muschiol S, Bogdanovic G, Buggert M, Ljunggren H, Hober S, Nilsson P, Aleman S, Chen MS.
11 October 2021

Medical Progress: Stem Cells as a New Therapeutic Strategy for COVID-19

Musial C, Gorska-Ponikowska M.
4 February 2021

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