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The unique aspect of StemRxiv is that it is a dedicated portal for stem cell researchers to discover the latest research findings before they are published in peer-reviewed journals. It is the one place to visit to uncover the latest updates from the area of stem cell research that is of interest to you. This section of the website allows you to: (a) search for stem cell content via a single point of access; and (b) search preprints by general topics and/or predefined categories.

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Magnetic bioprinting of stem cell-based tissues

Van de Walle A, Perez JE, Wilhelm C.
23 December 2022

A Single-cell Perturbation Landscape of Colonic Stem Cell Polarisation

Qin X, Rodriguez FC, Sufi J, Vlckova P, Claus J, Tape CJ.
15 February 2023

Candidate stem cell isolation and transplantation in Hexacorallia

Talice S, Barkan S, Snyder G, Ottolenghi A, Eliachar S, Ben-Romano R, Oisher S, Sharoni T, Lewandowska M, Sultan E, Goldstein O, Aharoni R, Hadad U, Davis C, Moran Y, Gershoni-Yahalom O, Traylor-Knowles N, Rosental B.
Research Square
7 October 2022

Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency Factors Regulate RNA Methylation

Sedivy LJ, Brandt G, Martin AL, Abroe HM, Phiel CJ.
24 February 2023

Olfactory fear conditioning biases olfactory stem cell receptor fate

Liff CW, Ayman YR, Jaeger EC, Lee HS, Kim A, Marlin BJ.
23 February 2023

Human Glioma Endothelial Cells With Stem cell properties

Sharma A, Muzumdar D, Shiras A.
Research Square
28 December 2022

Discovery of a Vertebral Skeletal Stem Cell Driving Spinal Metastases

Greenblatt M, Sun J, Hu L, Bok S, Yallowitz A, Cung M, McCormick J, Zheng L, Debnath S, Niu Y, Tan A, Lalani S, Morse K, Shinn D, Pajak A, Li Z, Li N, Xu R, Iyer S.
Research Square
25 January 2023

Dephosphorylation of 4EBP1/2 Induces Prenatal Neural Stem Cell Quiescence

Geben LC, Brockman AA, Chalkley MBL, Sweet SR, Gallagher JE, Scheuing AL, Simerly RB, Ess KC, Irish JM, Ihrie RA.
15 February 2023

CD38 promotes hematopoietic stem cell dormancy via c-Fos

Ibneeva L, Singh SP, Sinha A, Eski SE, Wehner R, Rupp L, Pérez-Valencia JA, Gerbaulet A, Reinhardt S, Wobus M, von Bonin M, Sancho J, Lund F, Dahl A, Schmitz M, Bornhäuser M, Chavakis T, Wielockx B, Grinenko T.
8 February 2023

Autofluorescence is a biomarker of neural stem cell activation state

Morrow CS, Tweed K, Arndt ZP, Walsh AJ, Peng B, Risgaard RD, Klosa PC, Chi MM, Wallace EP, Jones MV, Roopra A, Skala MC, Moore DL.
15 December 2022

Fetal liver macrophages contribute to the hematopoietic stem cell niche by controlling granulopoiesis

Kayvanjoo AH, Splichalova I, Bejarano DA, Huang H, Mauel K, Makdissi N, Heider D, Balzer NR, Osei-Sarpong C, Baßler K, Schultze JL, Uderhardt S, Kiermaier E, Beyer M, Schlitzer A, Mass E.
23 February 2023

Identification of a stem cell mediating osteoblast versus adipocyte lineage selection

Greenblatt M, Debnath S, Yallowitz A, McCormick J, Lalani S, Zhang T, Cung M, Bok S, Sun J, Ravichandran H, Liu Y, Healey J, Cohen P.
Research Square
26 January 2023

Safety and Efficacy of Autologous Stem Cell Treatment for Facetogenic Chronic Back Pain

Rothoerl RD, Tomelden J, Alt EU.
1 February 2023

Identification of the Metaphyseal Skeletal Stem Cell

Yang G, He Q, Guo X, Li R, Lin J, Tao W, Liu W, Lin H, Tang M, Xing S, Qi Y, Peng Y, Dong L, Han J, Zhou B, Teng Y, Yang X.
9 September 2022

Bioinformatics identification of potential protein glycosylation genes associated with glioma stem cell signature

Kazuya T, Sadamori K, Yoshimoto M, Lyu J, Tanaka Y, Fukasawa K, Hinoi E.
Research Square
7 February 2023

COX6A2 deficiency leads to cardiac remodeling in human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Jiang M, Song Y, Chen X, Zhu M, Lu W, Wei M, Lan F, Cui M, Bai Y.
Research Square
17 February 2023

Bovine blastocyst like structures derived from stem cell cultures

Pinzón-Arteaga CA, Wang Y, Wei Y, Li L, Ribeiro Orsi AE, Scatolin G, Liu L, Sakurai M, Ye J, Yu L, Li B, Jiang Z, Wu J.
21 December 2022

Drug metabolic activity as a selection factor for pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatic progenitor cells

Akiyama S, Saku N, Miyata S, Ite K, Nonaka H, Toyoda M, Kamiya A, Kiyono T, Kimura T, Kasahara M, Umezawa A.
21 February 2023

Symmetry-breaking in adherent pluripotent stem cell-derived developmental patterns

Aguilar-Hidalgo D, Ostblom J, Siu MM, McMaster B, Heydari T, Werschler N, Tewary M, Zandstra P.
20 December 2022

Loss Of Humeral Immunity In Childhood Cancer Survivors Not Having Undergone Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation.

Baca N, Pearson B, Pulley M, Diniz M, Majlessipour F.
Authorea Preprints
22 February 2023

IRF1 regulates self-renewal and stress-responsiveness to support hematopoietic stem cell maintenance

Rundberg Nilsson A, Xian H, Shalapour S, Cammenga J, Karin M.
24 January 2023

Spatiotemporal coordination of stem cell behavior following alveolar injury

Chioccioli M, Magruder S, McDonough JE, Nouws J, Yang T, Gonzalez D, Borriello L, Traub B, Ye X, Hendry CE, Entenberg D, Krishnaswamy S, Kaminski N, Sauler M.
30 October 2022

Gold Nanoparticles for Monitoring of Mesenchymal Stem Cell–Loaded Bioresorbable Polymeric Wraps for Arteriovenous Fistulas

Barcena AJR, Perez JVD, Damasco JA, Bernardino MR, San Valentin EMD, Klusman C, Martin B, Cortes A, Canlas G, Del Mundo HC, Heralde FM, Avritscher R, Fowlkes N, Bouchard RR, Cheng J, Huang SY, Melancon MP.
3 February 2023

EDTA-induced pseudothrombocytopenia in hematopoietic stem cell donor

Tsubokura M, Kojima M, Nakabayashi S, Takahashi N, Takeuchi S, Aruga Y, Ikeda C, Maezawa N, Okazaki K, Uchida S, Watanabe M, Aoki J, Ito A, Tanaka T, Inamoto Y, Kim S, Matsushita H, Fukuda T.
Authorea Preprints
29 September 2022

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