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Stiffness Regulates Intestinal Stem Cell Fate

He S, Lei P, Kang W, Cheung P, Xu T, Mana M, Park CY, Wang H, Imada S, Russell JO, Wang J, Wang R, Zhou Z, Chetal K, Stas E, Mohad V, Halasi M, Bruun-Rasmussen P, Sadreyev RI, Adini I, Hodin RA, Zhang Y, Breault DT, Camargo FD, Yilmaz ÖH, Fredberg JJ, Saeidi N.
16 March 2021

LBH is a cancer stem cell- and metastasis-promoting oncogene essential for WNT stem cell function in breast cancer

Garikapati K, Ashad-Bishop K, Hong S, Qureshi R, Rieger ME, Lindley LE, Wang B, Azzam DJ, Khanlari M, Nadji M, Jain C, Kwon D, Ban Y, Gao Z, Chen SX, Sims AH, Kesmodel SB, Slingerland JM, Briegel KJ.
30 January 2021

Functional, metabolic and transcriptional maturation of stem cell derived beta cells

Balboa D, Barsby T, Lithovius V, Saarimäki-Vire J, Omar-Hmeadi M, Dyachok O, Montaser H, Lund P, Yang M, Ibrahim H, Näätänen A, Chandra V, Vihinen H, Jokitalo E, Kvist J, Ustinov J, Nieminen AI, Kuuluvainen E, Hietakangas V, Katajisto P, Lau J, Carlsson P, Barg S, Tengholm A, Otonkoski T.
1 April 2021

Microphysiological stroke model for systematic evaluation of neurorestorative potential of stem cell therapy

Lee W, Lyu Z, Park J, Kim K, Jin H, Wu H, Rajadas J, Kim D, Steinberg G.
Research Square
19 March 2021

The effects of silver nanoparticle shape on protein adsorption and neural stem cell viability

Kumarasamy M, Tran N, Patarroyo J, Monopoli MP, Madarasz E, Puntes VF.
Research Square
22 March 2021

Reconstruction of Contemporary Human Stem Cell Dynamics with Oscillatory Molecular Clocks

Gabbutt C, Schenck RO, Weisenberger D, Kimberley C, Berner A, Househam J, Lakatos E, Robertson-Tessi M, Martin I, Patel R, Clark S, Latchford A, Barnes C, Leedham SJ, Anderson AR, Graham TA, Shibata D.
16 March 2021

Mesenchymal stem cell surgery, rescue, and regeneration in glaucomatous optic neuropathy

Limoli PG, Limoli C, Vingolo EM, Franzone F, Nebbioso M.
Research Square
15 March 2021

Intestinal Stem Cell Marker, ASCL2 Is a Novel Prognostic Predictor in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

Shibahara Y, Espin-Garcia O, Conner J, Weiss J, Derouet M, Allen J, Wilson G, Allison F, Hafezi-Bakhtiari S, Kalimuthu S, Wong R, Elimova E, Yeung J, Darling G.
Research Square
10 March 2021

Cyclophilin A regulates protein phase separation and mitigates haematopoietic stem cell aging

Maneix L, Iakova P, Moree SE, King JC, Sykes DB, Hill CT, Saez B, Spooner E, Krause DS, Sahin E, Berk BC, Scadden DT, Catic A.
24 February 2021

Dichotomous regulation of lysosomes by MYC and TFEB controls hematopoietic stem cell fate

García-Prat L, Kaufmann KB, Schneiter F, Voisin V, Murison A, Chen J, Chan-Seng-Yue M, Gan OI, McLeod JL, Smith SA, Shoong MC, Paris D, Pan K, Zeng AG, Krivdova G, Gupta K, Takayanagi S, Wagenblast E, Wang W, Lupien M, Schroeder T, Xie SZ, Dick JE.
24 February 2021

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mediated Immune Modulation Is Donor Sex Specific

Mckinnirey F, Herbert B, Vesey G, McCracken S.
Research Square
25 February 2021

Heterogeneity and ‘memory’ in stem cell populations

Stumpf PS, Arai F, MacArthur BD.
22 September 2020

Comparative Chromatin Dynamics of Stem Cell Differentiation in Human and Rat

Thai CW, Jiang S, Roxas Y, McGill C, Ma S, Mortazavi A.
12 February 2021

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Immunomodulation: A Novel Intervention Mechanism in Cardiovascular Disease

Wang Y, Qi Z, Yan Z, Ji N, Yang X, Gao D, Zhang J, Li M.
Research Square
10 February 2021

Prostaglandin E2 Enhances Aged Hematopoietic Stem Cell Function

Patterson AM, Plett PA, Sampson CH, Simpson E, Liu Y, Pelus LM, Orschell CM.
Research Square
11 February 2021

The embryonic node functions as an instructive stem cell niche

Solovieva T, Lu H, Moverley A, Plachta N, Stern CD.
11 November 2020

Human placental-derived stem cell therapy ameliorates experimental necrotizing enterocolitis and supports restoration of the intestinal stem cell niche

Weis VG, Deal AC, Mekkey G, Clouse C, Gaffley M, Whitaker E, Weis JA, Schwartz MZ, Atala A.
6 October 2020

Stem cell application in rotator cuff repair: Interposition stem cell sheet versus overlaid stem cell sheet

Choi Jh, Kang MS, Shin MJ, Kim DM, Lee YN, Shim IK, Koh KH.
Research Square
5 May 2020

Multiorgan failure with fatal outcome after stem cell tourism

Večerić-Haler Ž, Borštnar Š, Luzar B, Jerše M, Kojc N.
Research Square
7 January 2021


Ghosh M, Hill CL, Alsudayri A, Lallier SW, Hayes D, Wijeratne S, Mahoney JE, Reynolds SD.
9 January 2021

Synthesis of SPIO nanoparticles and the subsequent applications in stem cell labeling for Parkinson’s disease

Yu S, An L, Tao Q, Wu Y, Wang N, Liu Y, Wang F, Zhang L, Shi A, Zhou X, Zhang J.
Research Square
6 January 2021

Integrated Collection of Stem Cell Bank data, a data portal for standardized stem cell information

Chen Y, Sakurai K, Maeda S, Masui T, Okano H, Dewender J, Seltmann S, Kurtz A, Masuya H, Nakamura Y, Sheldon M, Schneider J, Stacey GN, Panina Y, Fujibuchi W.
27 August 2020

Nebulization Therapy With Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell -Derived Exosomes For COVID-19 Pneumonia

Chu M, Wang H, Bian L, Huang J, Wu D, Fei F, Zhang R, Chen Y, Xia J.
Research Square
22 February 2021

Sestrins regulate age-induced deterioration of muscle stem cell homeostasis

Yang BA, Castor-Macias JA, Fraczek PM, Brown LA, Kim M, Brooks SV, Lee JH, Aguilar CA.
16 December 2020

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