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The unique aspect of StemRxiv is that it is a dedicated portal for stem cell researchers to discover the latest research findings before they are published in peer-reviewed journals. It is the one place to visit to uncover the latest updates from the area of stem cell research that is of interest to you. This section of the website allows you to: (a) search for stem cell content via a single point of access; and (b) search preprints by general topics and/or predefined categories.

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Heterogeneity and ‘memory’ in stem cell populations

Stumpf PS, Arai F, MacArthur BD.
22 September 2020

Human placental-derived stem cell therapy ameliorates experimental necrotizing enterocolitis and supports restoration of the intestinal stem cell niche

Weis VG, Deal AC, Mekkey G, Clouse C, Gaffley M, Whitaker E, Weis JA, Schwartz MZ, Atala A.
6 October 2020

Integrated Collection of Stem Cell Bank data, a data portal for standardized stem cell information

Chen Y, Sakurai K, Maeda S, Masui T, Okano H, Dewender J, Seltmann S, Kurtz A, Masuya H, Nakamura Y, Sheldon M, Schneider J, Stacey GN, Panina Y, Fujibuchi W.
27 August 2020

Stem cell application in rotator cuff repair: Interposition stem cell sheet versus overlaid stem cell sheet

Choi Jh, Kang MS, Shin MJ, Kim DM, Lee YN, Shim IK, Koh KH.
Research Square
5 May 2020

Hematopoietic lineages diverge within the stem cell compartment

Morcos MNF, Li C, Munz CM, Greco A, Dressel N, Reinhardt S, Dahl A, Becker NB, Roers A, Höfer T, Gerbaulet A.
22 August 2020

RNA regulates Glycolysis and Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation via Enolase 1

Huppertz I, Perez-Perri JI, Mantas P, Sekaran T, Schwarzl T, Dimitrova-Paternoga L, Hennig J, Neveu PA, Hentze MW.
14 October 2020

Myofibrillar Structural Variability Underlies Contractile Function in Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Ufford K, Friedline S, Tong Z, Tang VT, Dobbs AS, Tsan Y, Bielas SL, Liu AP, Helms AS.
13 October 2020

Stem Cell-Related Prognostic Signature for Lung Adenocarcinoma

Huang Z, Shi M, Zhou H, Wang J, Zhou YL, Zhang H, Shi J.
Research Square
16 July 2020

RNF219 interacts with CCR4-NOT in regulating stem cell differentiation

Du H, Chen C, Wang Y, Yang Y, Che Z, Liu X, Meng S, Guo C, Xu M, Fang H, Lin C, Luo Z.
7 July 2020

Stem cell membrane-coated isotretinoin for acne treatment

Wang S, Jiang R, Meng T, Zhang F, Li J, Jin Y, Lee J, Zhu M, Jiang J.
Research Square
8 July 2020

Multiorgan failure with fatal outcome after stem cell tourism

Večerić-Haler Ž, Borštnar Š, Luzar B, Kojc N.
Research Square
9 September 2020

Neuronal regulation of bone marrow stem cell niches

Fielding C, Méndez-Ferrer S.
16 June 2020

Modeling stem cell nucleus mechanics using confocal microscopy

Kennedy Z, Newberg J, Goelzer M, Judex S, Fitzpatrick C, Uzer G.
31 August 2020

Plant stem cell organization and differentiation at single-cell resolution

Satterlee JW, Strable J, Scanlon MJ.
26 August 2020

Macrophages provide a transient muscle stem cell niche via NAMPT secretion

Ratnayake D, Nguyen PD, Rossello FJ, Wimmer VC, Isiaku AI, Galvis LA, Wood AJ, Julier Z, Boudier T, Oorschot V, Rogers KL, Martino MM, Marcelle C, Lieschke GJ, Bakkers J, Currie PD.
24 August 2020

Myogenin is an Essential Regulator of Adult Myofibre Growth and Muscle Stem Cell Homeostasis

Ganassi M, Badodi S, Wanders K, Zammit PS, Hughes SM.
10 August 2020

A comprehensive transcriptome signature of murine hematopoietic stem cell aging

Svendsen AF, Yang D, Lazare S, Zwart E, Ausema A, de Haan G, Bystrykh LV.
10 August 2020

Mitochondrial state determines functionally divergent stem cell population in planaria

Mohamed Haroon M, Lakshmanan V, Sarkar SR, Lei K, Vemula PK, Palakodeti D.
31 July 2020

Mesenchymal stem cell enhances the function of MDSCs in experimental Sjögren syndrome mice

Tian J, Hong Y, Zhu Q, Zhou H, Zhang Y, Shen Z, Guo H, Zhang Y, Rui K, Xu H, Wang S.
Research Square
7 August 2020

Metabolism of glucose and glutamine is critical for skeletal muscle stem cell activation

Ahsan S, Raval MH, Ederer M, Tiwari R, Chareunsouk A, Rodgers JT.
29 July 2020

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