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Volume 2, Issue 1

More Bang for Your Buck: "Off-The-Shelf" Solutions for Cell Replacement Therapy
Meissner, Torsten B. | Cowan, Chad A.
Citaton:  StemJournal, Vol.2, Iss.1, pp. 1–5, 2020 (DOI: 10.3233/STJ-200002)

Organoid Maturation by Circadian Entrainment
Alvarez-Dominguez, Juan R. | Donaghey, Julie | Rasouli, Niloofar | Kenty, Jennifer H. R. | Helman, Aharon | Charlton, Jocelyn | Straubhaar, Juerg R. | Meissner, Alexander | Melton, Douglas A.
Citaton:  StemJournal, Vol.2, Iss.1, pp. 7–13, 2020 (DOI: 10.3233/STJ-209001)

Volume 1, Issue 1

Combining Stem Cells and Biomaterial Scaffolds for Constructing Tissues and Cell Delivery
Willerth, Stephanie M. tiny blob | Sakiyama-Elbert, Shelly E.
Citation:  StemJournal, Vol.1, Iss.1, pp. 1–25, 2019 (DOI: 10.3233/STJ-180001)

Molecular Imaging of Stem Cells
Abbas, Fakhar | Wu, Joseph C. | Gambhir, Sanjiv Sam | Rodriguez-Porcel, Martin StemJournal
Citation:  StemJournal, Vol.1, Iss.1, pp. 27–46, 2019 (DOI: 10.3233/STJ-190003)

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