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The establishment of human embryonic stem cell lines demonstrated that chimeric embryos can self-correct

Li C, Xie J, Dong J, Gao C, Xia M, Lin Y, Cui Y, Qin L, Wu W.
Research Square
27 May 2022

Combined small molecule treatment accelerates timing of maturation in human pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons

Hergenreder E, Zorina Y, Zhao Z, Munguba H, Calder EL, Baggiolini A, Minotti AP, Walsh RM, Liston C, Levitz J, Garippa R, Chen S, Ciceri G, Studer L.
3 June 2022

Combining Stem Cell Rejuvenation and Senescence Targeting to Synergistically Extend Lifespan

Kaur P, Otgonbaatar A, Ramamoorthy A, Zhen Chua EH, Harmston N, Gruber J, Tolwinski NS.
22 April 2022

SOX15 regulates stem cell pluripotency and promotes neural fate during differentiation by activating <i>Hes5</i>

Choi E, Vodnala M, Saini P, Zerbato M, Ho JJ, Anugula S, Ho Sui SJ, Yoon J, Inouye C, Fong YW.
25 April 2022

Modeling of Aberrant Epithelial Reprogramming in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Alveolar Organoids

Ptasinski V, Monkley SJ, Öst K, Tammia M, Overed-Sayer C, Hazon P, Wagner DE, Murray LA.
15 June 2022

High and low permeability of human pluripotent stem cell-derived Blood Brain barrier models depend on epithelial or endothelial features

Girard SD, Julien-Gau I, Molino Y, Combes BF, Greetham L, Khrestchatisky M, Nivet E.
1 June 2022

Deeply conserved super-enhancers maintain stem cell pluripotency in placental mammals

Zhang J, Zhou Y, Yue W, Zhu Z, Wu X, Yu S, Shen Q, Pan Q, Xu W, Zhang R, Wu X, Li X, Li Y, Li Y, Wang Y, Peng S, Zhang S, Lei A, Ding X, Yang F, Chen X, Li N, Liao M, Wang W, Hua J.
3 May 2022

Human embryonic stem cell-specific role of YAP in maintenance of self-renewal and survival

Choe MS, Bae CM, Kim SJ, Oh ST, Kwon YJ, Choi W, Baek KM, Chang W, Kim JS, Lim KS, Yun SP, Lee MY.
Research Square
10 June 2022

Functional Recovery from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Dopamine Neuron Grafts is Dependent on Neurite Outgrowth

Hills R, Mossman JA, Bratt-Leal AM, Tran H, Williams RM, Stouffer DG, Sokolova IV, Sanna PP, Loring JF, Lelos MJ.
19 April 2022

Cleavage of histone H2A during embryonic stem cell differentiation destabilizes nucleosomes to counteract gene activation

Garcia B, Coradin M, Cesare J, Lan Y, Zhu Z, Lund P, Sidoli S, Perez Y, Lu C, Porter E, Roberts C.
Research Square
27 April 2022

Differential expression of <i>Nanog</i> 3UTR and coding region mRNA components defines an embryonic stem cell niche

Yang Z, Ji S, Gozali L, Ullah M, Parsa S, Behr B, Hynes MA.
17 March 2022

Timed Notch Inhibition drives Photoreceptor fate specification in Human Retinal Organoids

Chew SH, Martinez C, Chirco KR, Kandoi S, Lamba DA.
20 May 2022

Fibroblasts-derived from Pluripotent Cells Harboring a Single Allele Knockout in Two Pluripotency Genes Exhibit DNA Methylation Abnormalities and pluripotency induction Defects

Lasry R, Maoz N, Cheng AW, Tov NY, Kulenkampff E, Azagury M, Yang H, Ople C, Markoulaki S, Faddah DA, Makedonski K, Sabbag O, Jaenisch R, Buganim Y.
19 May 2022

Gradient-based parameter optimization to determine membrane ionic current composition of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Kohjitani H, Koda S, Himeno Y, Makiyama T, Yamamoto Y, Yoshinaga D, Wuriyanghai Y, Kashiwa A, Toyoda F, Zhang Y, Amano A, Noma A, Kimura T.
18 May 2022

Thyroid hormone and ALK5 inhibitor improve maturation of human pluripotent stem cell derived hepatocytes

Withey S, Gerrard D, Leeson H, Atkinson-Dell R, Harrison S, Baxter M, Wolvetang E, Hanley N.
30 April 2022

The expression of cancer stem cells and its effects on the propensity for recurrence and metastasis in bladder cancer: a systematic review

Hamid ARAH, Syadza YZ, Yausep OE, Indy Christanto RB, Muharia BHR, Mochtar CA.
19 May 2022

Cross-activation of the FGF, TGF-β and WNT pathways constrains BMP4-mediated induction of the Totipotent state in mouse embryonic stem cells

Meharwade T, Joumier L, Parisotto M, Huynh V, da Rocha EL, Malleshaiah M.
16 April 2022

Development of a physiological insulin resistance model in human stem cell-derived adipocytes

Friesen M, Khalil AS, Barrasa MI, Jeppesen JF, Mooney DJ, Jaenisch R.
22 February 2022

Mesenchymal stem cell bioenergetics and apoptosis are associated with risk for bronchopulmonary dysplasia in extremely low birth weight infants

Hazra S, Li R, Vamesu BM, Jilling T, Ballinger SW, Ambalavanan N, Kandasamy J.
Research Square
15 April 2022

Early and lifelong effects of APOE4 on neuronal gene expression networks relevant to Alzheimer’s disease

Grone BP, Zalocusky KA, Hao Y, Yoon SY, Arriola P, Huang Y.
17 June 2022

Bioinformatics analysis of differentially expressed genes in human embryonic stem cells and their differentiated dorsal root ganglion

Liu K, Ma W, Yang J, Zhang S, Liu W, Zhu K, Liu J, Wu H, Li L.
Research Square
7 April 2022

Stretchable mesh microelectronics for the biointegration and stimulation of neural organoids

Li TL, Liu Y, Forro C, Beker L, Bao Z, Cui B, Paşca SP.
13 June 2022

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