About the Journal


StemJournal is an international, multidisciplinary, open access forum for communicating outstanding stem cell research, including basic biology, clinical applications, disease modeling, computational and systems biology, and data science. It promises to be open to new scientific contributions from the many fields of research on stem cells. For a full list of the topics covered in the journal, see the Aims & Scope.

Research Reports of the highest scientific quality will be accepted for publication. These may vary in length and prospective authors are requested to consult the Guidelines for Authors before submitting manuscripts.

StemJournal also publishes original Review Articles. Seminal Reviews are comprehensive and authoritative and provide directions for further research. Topical Reviews are more focused providing coverage on a topic of immediate interest and importance. Comparative Reviews compare the efficiency of different protocols on different cell lines or test several protocols for one to two cell lines only. Ethics Reviews highlight and target unresolved issues that alter progress in stem cell research, clinical applications, and policy. All submitted content undergoes peer review.

Protocols can be submitted for review or commissioned by any one of the Editors or Associate Editors. Submitted Protocols will undergo peer review. Protocols that are commissioned will also undergo peer review and will only be published on acceptance. StemJournal and StemBook collaborate with Stem Cell COREdinates to validate new and current protocols encompassing various methods to generate, edit and differentiate induced pluripotent stem cells into various lineages. Read more on the StemBook site here.

StemJournal is an online publication that follows an open access model.