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The unique aspect of StemRxiv is that it is a dedicated portal for stem cell researchers to discover the latest research findings before they are published in peer-reviewed journals. It is the one place to visit to uncover the latest updates from the area of stem cell research that is of interest to you. This section of the website allows you to: (a) search for stem cell content via a single point of access; and (b) search preprints by general topics and/or predefined categories.

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Machine learning-based classification of binary dynamic fluorescence signals reveals muscle stem cell fate transitions in response to pro-regenerative niche factors

Togninalli M, Ho AT, Madl CM, Holbrook CA, Wang YX, Magnusson KE, Kirillova A, Chang A, Blau HM.
18 June 2022

Sex-specific niche signaling contributes to sexual dimorphism following stem cell transplantation

Smith JN, Cordova BA, Richardson B, Christo KF, Campanelli J, Broncano AV, Chen J, Lee J, Cameron SJ, Lathia JD, Goodman WA, Cameron MJ, Desai AB.
16 June 2022

Stromal Hippo-YAP signaling in stem cell niche controls intestinal homeostasis

Dang K, Singh A, Cotton JL, Tao Z, Liu H, Zhu LJ, Wu X, Mao J.
12 May 2022

A Development-Inspired Niche for Homeostatic Human Mini-Intestines

Childs CJ, Holloway EM, Sweet CW, Tsai Y, Wu A, Wu JH, Pellón Cardenas O, Capeling MM, Eiken M, Zwick R, Palikuqi B, Trentesaux C, Zhang C, Glass I, Loebel C, Yu Q, Camp JG, Sexton JZ, Klein O, Verzi MP, Spence JR.
12 June 2022

Differential expression of <i>Nanog</i> 3UTR and coding region mRNA components defines an embryonic stem cell niche

Yang Z, Ji S, Gozali L, Ullah M, Parsa S, Behr B, Hynes MA.
17 March 2022

Targeting tumor stemness switch phenotype by activating pathogen induced stem cell niche defense

Bhuyan S, Pal B, Pathak L, Saikia PJ, Mitra S, Gayan S, Mokhtari RB, Li H, Ramana CV, Baishya D, Das B.
27 March 2022

Cancer stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles preferentially target MHC-II– macrophages and PD1+ T cells in the tumor microenvironment

Gonzalez-Callejo P, Guo Z, Ziglari T, Claudio N, Oshimori N, Seras-Franzoso J, Pucci F.
26 April 2022

Progressive maturation of the root apical meristem in <i>Arabidopsis thaliana</i> lateral roots

Berthet B, Bald L, Louveaux M, Maizel A.
19 February 2022

Single-cell characterisation of the hematopoietic bone marrow interactome in health and disease

Ennis S, Conforte A, Cichocka T, Dhami SP, Nicholson P, Krebs P, Broin PÓ, Szegezdi E.
13 May 2022

Alterations in neural stem cell quiescence and activation in the 3xTG-AD model of Alzheimers Disease

Liu Y, Fong BC, Harris RA, McNicoll M, Abdi AA, Cuthbert JB, Cook DP, Figeys D, Wang J, Vanderhyden BC, Slack RS.
9 June 2022

Formation of Benign Tumours by Stem Cell Misregulation

Valet M, Narbonne P.
10 January 2022

Guardian crypt-base-goblet-cells protect the human colonic stem cell niche by triggering cholinergic calcium signal-dependent MUC2 secretion and luminal flushing

Pelaez-Llaneza N, Jones V, Kam C, Lee A, Parris A, Tattan S, Loader M, Champion J, Russam G, Miller B, Juge N, Wharton R, Speakman C, Kapur S, Hernon J, Stearns A, Shaik I, Pal A, Tsigka A, Batsoulis D, Williams M.
4 January 2022

Lymphatics constitute a novel component of the intestinal stem cell niche

Goto N, Imada S, Deshpande V, Yilmaz ÖH.
28 January 2022

Immune cell regulation in stem cell niche contacting glioblastomas

Bartkowiak T, Lima SM, Hayes MJ, Mistry AM, Sinnaeve J, Leelatian N, Roe CE, Mobley BC, Weaver KD, Thompson RC, Chambless LB, Ihrie RA, Irish JM.
16 February 2022

Self-confined expression in the <i>Arabidopsis</i> root stem cell niche

Mercadal J, Betegón-Putze I, Bosch N, Caño-Delgado AI, Ibañes M.
3 December 2021

Exercise reprograms the inflammatory landscape of multiple stem cell compartments during mammalian aging

Liu L, Buckley MT, Reyes JM, Kim S, Tian L, Wang M, Lieu A, Mao M, Mateo-Rodriguez C, Ishak H, Jeong M, Wu JC, Goodell MA, Brunet A, Rando TA.
12 January 2022

Cytonemes coordinate asymmetric signaling and organization in the <i>Drosophila</i> muscle progenitor niche

Patel A, Wu Y, Han X, Su Y, Maugel T, Shroff H, Roy S.
29 October 2021

Hypoxia promotes osteogenesis via regulation of the mito-nuclear communication

Pouikli A, Maleszewska M, Parekh S, Nikopoulou C, Bonfiglio J, Mylonas C, Sandoval T, Schumacher A, Hinze Y, Matic I, Tessarz P.
27 February 2022

Bioactivation of 3D Cell-imprinted Polydimethylsiloxane Surface by Bone Proteins Nanocoating for Osteogenic Differentiation

Babaei M, Nasernejad B, Sharifikolouei E, Shokrgozar MA, Bonakdar S.
Research Square
18 January 2022

Bone-Marrow Derived Stem Cells Protocol for Premature Ovarian Failure – A case study with successful spontaneous pregnancy and delivery after treatment.

Naimat I, Alaomar S, Aljarrah M, Alkraimeen L, Alayan S, Mihai D, Mishra P.
Research Square
23 March 2022

<i>De novo</i> stem cell establishment in meristems requires repression of organ boundary cell fate

Nicolas A, Maugarny-Calès A, Adroher B, Chelysheva L, Li Y, Burguet J, Bågman A, Smit ME, Brady SM, Li Y, Laufs P.
4 February 2022

SCARECROW maintains the stem cell niche in Arabidopsis root by ensuring telomere integrity

Wang B, Shi X, Gao J, Liao R, Fu J, Bai J, Cui H.
26 October 2021

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