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Priyadarshani P, DeVeaux S, Leitmann B, Rui K, Botchwey EA, Mortensen LJ.
26 May 2022

<i>Quantum CART</i> (<i>qCART</i>), a <i>piggyBac</i>-based system for development and production of virus-free multiplex CAR-T cell therapy

Chen Y, Hua W, Hsu JC, Chang PS, Wen KK, Huang Y, Tsai J, Kao Y, Wu P, Wang P, Chen K, Liao W, Wu SC.
4 May 2022

Cultivated autologous limbal epithelial cells (CALEC): product development, manufacture, and initial evaluation of feasibility

Jurkunas U, Yin J, Johns L, Li S, Negre H, Shaw K, Samarakoon L, Ayala A, Kheirkhah A, Katikireddy K, Gauthier A, Tone SO, Ellender S, Rodriguez DH, Daley H, Dana R, Ritz J, Armant M.
Research Square
2 June 2022

Manufacturing highly potent CD20/CD19-targeted iCasp9 regulatable CAR-T cells using the <i>Quantum pBac-based CAR-T (qCART)</i> system for clinical application

Chang PS, Chen Y, Hua W, Hsu JC, Tsai J, Huang Y, Kao Y, Wu P, Chang Y, Chang M, Chang Y, Wen KK, Wu SC.
4 May 2022

GD2-targeting CAR-T cells enhanced by transgenic IL-15 expression are an effective and clinically feasible therapy for glioblastoma

Gargett T, Ebert LM, Truong NT, Kollis PM, Sedivakova K, Yu W, Yeo EC, Wittwer NL, Gliddon BL, Tea MN, Ormsby R, Poonnoose S, Nowicki J, Vittorio O, Ziegler DS, Pitson SM, Brown MP.
2 May 2022

Xeno-free induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural progenitor cells for <i>in vivo</i> applications

Rust R, Weber RZ, Generali M, Kehl D, Bodenmann C, Uhr D, Wanner D, Zürcher KJ, Saito H, Hoerstrup SP, Nitsch RM, Tackenberg C.
20 January 2022

Reconstitution of T cell immunity against EBV in the immunocompromised host by adoptive transfer of peptide-stimulated T cells after allogeneic stem cell transplantation

Lammoglia Cobo MF, Ritter J, Gary R, Seitz V, Mautner J, Aigner M, Völkl S, Schaffer S, Moi S, Seegebarth A, Bruns H, Rösler W, Amann K, Büttner-Herold M, Hennig S, Mackensen A, Hummel M, Moosmann A, Gerbitz A.
17 December 2021

Reversible Streptamer Technology Facilitates the Selection of T Regulatory Cells From Cryopreserved Cord Blood

Duggleby R, Shah DK, Strange KE, Tsang HP, Stemberger C, Germeroth L, Mielke S, Bonig H, Einsele H, Roberts D, Querol S, Madrigal A, Saudemont A, Hernandez D, Danby R.
Research Square
2 March 2022

GMP-compliant Manufacturing Process of an Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product Based on Conjunctival Epithelial Cells

Bertolin M, Ferrari S, Breda C, Ferrari B, Ponzin D, Barbaro V.
Research Square
9 December 2020

Inter-center comparison of good-manufacturing-practices compliant stromal vascular fraction and proposal for release acceptance criteria: a review of 364 productions

François P, Rusconi G, Arnaud L, Mariotta L, Giraudo L, Minonzio G, Veran J, Bertrand B, Dumoulin C, Grimaud F, Lyonnet L, Casanova D, Giverne C, Cras A, Magalon G, Dignat-George F, Sabatier F, Magalon J, Soldati G.
Research Square
28 April 2021

Long-term repair of porcine articular cartilage using cryopreservable, clinically compatible human embryonic stem cell-derived chondrocytes

Petrigliano FA, Liu NQ, Lee S, Tassey J, Sarkar A, Lin Y, Li L, Yu Y, Geng D, Zhang J, Shkhyan R, Bogdanov J, Van Handel B, Ferguson GB, Lee Y, Hinderer S, Tseng K, Kavanaugh A, Crump JG, Pyle AD, Schenke-Layland K, Billi F, Wang L, Lieberman J, Hurtig M, Evseenko D.
29 May 2021

A Novel CRISPR-Engineered, Stem Cell-Derived Cellular Vaccine

Chakraborty K, Chandrashekar A, Sidaway A, Latta E, Yu J, McMahan K, Giffin V, Manickam C, Kroll K, Mosher M, Reeves RK, Gam R, Arthofer E, Choudhry M, Barouch DH, Henley T.
29 December 2021

Opportunities for Biomanufacturing in Low Earth Orbit: Current Status and Future Directions

Giulianotti M, Sharma A, Clemens R, Garcia O, Taylor L, Wagner N, Shepard K, Gupta A, Malany S, Grodzinsky A, Kearns-Jonker M, Mair D, Kim D, Roberts M, Loring J, Hu J, Warren L, Eenmaa S, Bozada J, Paljug E, Roth M, Taylor D, Rodrigue G, Cantini P, Smith A, Wagner W.
2 August 2021

Label-free imaging for quality control of cardiomyocyte differentiation

Qian T, Heaster TM, Houghtaling AR, Sun K, Samimi K, Skala MC.
2 June 2021

Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy for COVID-19-induced ARDS patients. A successful phase1, randomized, control-placebo group, clinical trial

Farkhad NK, Sedaghat A, Reihani H, Moghadam AA, Moghadam AB, Ghaebi NK, Khodadoust MA, Ganjali R, Tafreshian A, Afshari JT.
Research Square
24 January 2022

Submacular Integration of hESC-RPE Monolayer Xenografts in a Surgical Non-Human Primate Model

Liu Z, Ilmarinen T, Tan GS, Hongisto H, Wong EY, Tsai AS, Al-Nawaiseh S, Holder GE, Su X, Barathi VA, Skottman H, Stanzel BV.
Research Square
7 April 2021

Process Development and Safety Evaluation of ABCB5+ Limbal Stem Cells as Advanced-therapy Medicinal Product to Treat Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency

Norrick A, Esterlechner J, Niebergall-Roth E, Dehio U, Sadeghi S, Schröder HM, Ballikaya S, Stemler N, Ganss C, Dieter K, Dachtler A, Merz P, Sel S, Chodosh J, Cursiefen C, Frank NY, Auffarth GU, Ksander B, Frank MH, Kluth MA.
Research Square
15 October 2020

Physiological (TCR-like) regulated lentiviral vectors for the generation of improved CAR-T cells

Tristán-Manzano M, Maldonado-Pérez N, Justicia-Lirio P, Muñoz P, Cortijo-Gutiérrez M, Pavlovic K, Jiménez-Moreno R, Nogueras S, Carmona M, Sánchez-Hernández S, Aguilar-González A, Castella M, Juan M, Marañón C, Benabdellah K, Herrera C, Martin F.
20 March 2021

GMP-grade neural progenitor derivation and differentiation from clinical-grade human embryonic stem cells

Vitillo L, Durance C, Hewitt Z, Moore H, Smith A, Vallier L.
22 April 2020

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