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The unique aspect of StemRxiv is that it is a dedicated portal for stem cell researchers to discover the latest research findings before they are published in peer-reviewed journals. It is the one place to visit to uncover the latest updates from the area of stem cell research that is of interest to you. This section of the website allows you to: (a) search for stem cell content via a single point of access; and (b) search preprints by general topics and/or predefined categories.

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Basal forebrain cholinergic circuits orchestrate diverse cell types in the adult dentate gyrus to support neural stem cell function and spatial memory

Quintanilla L, Su Y, Simon JM, Luo Y, Asrican B, Tart S, Sheehy RN, Li Y, Ming G, Song H, Song J.
27 May 2022

Alterations in neural stem cell quiescence and activation in the 3xTG-AD model of Alzheimers Disease

Liu Y, Fong BC, Harris RA, McNicoll M, Abdi AA, Cuthbert JB, Cook DP, Figeys D, Wang J, Vanderhyden BC, Slack RS.
9 June 2022

Injectable oxygen liberating hydrogels increase survival and innervation of neural stem cell grafts prior to vascularization

Wang Y, Thomas J, Hong N, Tan LL, McGillivray D, Perriman A, Moriarty N, Parish CL, Williams R, Jackson C, Nisbet D.
Research Square
1 June 2022

Three-dimensional nanofibrous sponges with controlled hierarchy regulating neural stem cell fate for spinal cord regeneration

Ni S, Li Z, Qi Y, Sun L, Li Z, Chen S, Zhang Y, Ma Y, Han J, Zhang Y, Geng H, Huang B, Wang J, Li G, Li X, Wu S.
Research Square
31 March 2022

Subventricular zone cytogenesis provides trophic support for neural repair

Williamson MR, Le SP, Franzen RL, Donlan NA, Rosow JL, Dunn AK, Jones TA, Drew MR.
16 June 2022

Case Report: Hydranencephaly in a female newborn with congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Dewiyanti L, Diyo AR, Afandy JE, null J, Pramana C.
13 June 2022

Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Spinal Cord Injury: In Vitro and In Vivo Analysis

Bang W, Han I, Mun S, Cho D, Lee S, Kim B, Kim CH, Choi H, Kim K.
Research Square
7 June 2022

Neural Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes Protect Spinal Cord Injury by the Transfer of miR-31-5p

Jiang D, Luo Y, Wu X, Huang C, Liu Y, Yin Z, Li J, Yang D, Gu Q, Zhang Q, Wang H, Yao Q, Jiang F, Tang P.
Research Square
28 January 2022

Role of Yap1 in adult neural stem cell activation

Fan W, Jurado-Arjona J, Alanis-Lobato G, Péron S, Berger C, Andrade-Navarro MA, Falk S, Berninger B.
13 January 2022

Ischemic Succinate Accumulation Inhibits Neural Stem Cell Proliferation after Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion via Inducing Cdc42 Succinylation

Huang L, Ma J, Song J, Xu J, Fan H, Cai H, Wang W, Wang Y, Hu Z, Shen J, Qi S.
Research Square
8 September 2021

GABAergic regulation of cell proliferation within the adult mouse spinal cord

New LE, Yanagawa Y, McConkey GA, Deuchars J, Deuchars SA.
22 April 2022

3D Microenvironment-Specific Mechanosensing Regulates Neural Stem Cell Lineage Commitment

Baek J, Lopez PA, Lee S, Kim T, Kumar S, Schaffer DV.
16 September 2021

Crumbs complex-directed apical membrane dynamics in epithelial cell ingression

Simões S, Lerchbaumer G, Pellikka M, Giannatou P, Lam T, Kim D, Yu J, Stal Dt, Kakouni KA, Fernandez-Gonzalez R, Tepass U.
15 March 2022

Age- and sex-dependent effects of DNA glycosylase Neil3 on amyloid pathology, adult neurogenesis, and memory in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Egiazarian MA, Strømstad S, Sakshaug T, Nunez-Nescolarde AB, Bethge N, Bjørås M, Scheffler K.
12 March 2022

Apelin Alleviated Neuroinflammation And Promoted Endogenous Neural Stem Cell Proliferation and Differentiation After Spinal Cord Injury in Rats

Liu Q, Wang X, Gu C, Guo Q, Li X, Zhang C, Zhang N, Zhang L, Huang F.
Research Square
10 November 2021

Zebrafish <i>her3</i> knockout impacts developmental and cancer-related gene signatures

Kent MR, Calderon D, Silvius KM, LaVigne CA, Cannon MV, Kendall GC.
26 February 2022

LncRNA Pnky Positively Regulates Neural Stem Cell Migration via Modulating mRNA Splicing and Export of Target Genes

Du J, Li Y, Su Y, Zhi W, Zhang J, Zhang C, Wang J, Deng W, Zhao S.
Research Square
21 October 2021

Connexin 43-mediated Neurovascular Interactions Regulate Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain Subventricular Zone

Genet N, Genet G, Fang JS, Chavkin NW, Vasavada HH, Goldberg JS, Acharya BR, Bhatt N, Baker K, McDonnell S, Huba MR, Ma G, Eichmann A, Thomas JL, ffrench-Constant C, Hirschi KK.
1 March 2022

Tissue and cell-type specific molecular and functional signatures of 16p11.2 reciprocal genomic disorder across mouse brain and human neuronal models

Tai DJ, Razaz P, Erdin S, Gao D, Wang J, Nuttle X, de Esch CE, Collins RL, Currall BB, O’Keefe K, Burt ND, Yadav R, Wang L, Mohajeri K, Aneichyk T, Ragavendran A, Stortchevoi A, Morini E, Ma W, Lucente D, Hastie A, Kelleher RJ, Perlis RH, Talkowski ME, Gusella JF.
13 May 2022

miR-17∼92 exerts stage-specific effects in adult V-SVZ neural stem cell lineages

Favaloro F, DeLeo A, Delgado AC, Doetsch F.
28 July 2021

Impaired KDM2B-mediated PRC1 recruitment to chromatin causes neural stem cell senescence and ASD/ID-like behavioral deficits

Gao Y, Duque-Wilckens N, Aljazi MB, Moeser AJ, Mias GI, Robison AJ, Zhang Y, He J.
15 September 2021

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