Subscription Information for 2020

StemJournal (print ISSN 2468-8290; online ISSN 2468-8304) will be published in one volume per year, beginning in 2019 (Volume 1).

Online Only Subscription:
€ / US$ No Charge (this is an open access journal)

Print Only Subscription: 
€ 222 / US$ 268 (including postage and handling)

Institutional Subscription (print and online): 
€ 222 / US$ 268 (including postage and handling)

Personal Subscription (online only): 
€ / US$ TBC No Charge (this is an open access journal)

For information about subscribing to the print journal, contact: order@iospress.nl.

For Librarians

Information for librarians can be found on the IOS Press website (see here), covering the full collection of journals and books in terms of collections/subject areas, pricing, terms and conditions and a FAQ section.

Should you need additional information, please send an mail to sales@iospress.nl for outside North America or to sales@iospress.com for North America.