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The unique aspect of StemRxiv is that it is a dedicated portal for stem cell researchers to discover the latest research findings before they are published in peer-reviewed journals. It is the one place to visit to uncover the latest updates from the area of stem cell research that is of interest to you. This section of the website allows you to: (a) search for stem cell content via a single point of access; and (b) search preprints by general topics and/or predefined categories.

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Genotype-phenotype correlation analysis and therapeutic development using a patient stem cell-derived disease model of Wolfram syndrome

Kitamura RA, Maxwell KG, Ye W, Kries K, Brown CM, Augsornworawat P, Hirsch Y, Johansson MM, Weiden T, Ekstein J, Cohen J, Klee J, Leslie K, Simeonov A, Henderson MJ, Millman JR, Urano F.
8 November 2021

A human disease model of SARS-CoV-2-induced lung injury and immune responses with a microengineered organ chip

Zhang M, Wang P, Luo R, Wang Y, Li Z, Guo Y, Yao Y, Li M, Tao T, Chen W, Han J, Liu H, Cui K, zhang X, Zheng Y, Qin J.
20 July 2020

Combined small molecule treatment accelerates timing of maturation in human pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons

Hergenreder E, Zorina Y, Zhao Z, Munguba H, Calder EL, Baggiolini A, Minotti AP, Walsh RM, Liston C, Levitz J, Garippa R, Chen S, Ciceri G, Studer L.
3 June 2022

Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes alleviate neuronal damage in a rat model of Parkinson's disease by inhibiting microglia-mediated pyroptosis

Zhang Z, Zhao W, Gu P, Zhou Y, Wu R, Zhou L, Cui Q, Chen H, Zhang L, Zhang K, Xu H, Chai X, An S, Sun S.
Research Square
27 May 2022

Alterations in neural stem cell quiescence and activation in the 3xTG-AD model of Alzheimers Disease

Liu Y, Fong BC, Harris RA, McNicoll M, Abdi AA, Cuthbert JB, Cook DP, Figeys D, Wang J, Vanderhyden BC, Slack RS.
9 June 2022

Molecular phenotyping of colorectal neoplasia shows dynamic and adaptive cancer stem cell population admixture

Gil Vasquez E, Nasreddin N, Valbuena GN, Mulholland EJ, Belnoue-Davis HL, Eggington H, Schenck RO, Wouters VM, Wirapati P, Gilroy K, Lannagan TRM, Flanagan DJ, Najumudeen AK, Omwenga S, McCorry AMB, Easton A, Koelzer VH, East JE, Morton D, Trusolino L, Maughan T, Campbell AD, Loughrey MB, Dunne PD, Tsantoulis P, Huels DJ, Tejpar S, Sansom O, Leedham SJ.
12 June 2022

Predicting the risk of acute kidney injury after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: development of a new predictive nomogram

Gan Z, Chen L, Wu M, Liu L, Shi L, Li Q, Zhang Z, Lai Y.
Research Square
14 April 2022

Invigorating human MSCs for transplantation therapy via Nrf2/DKK1 co-stimulation in a mice acute-on-chronic liver failure model

Chen F, Che Z, Liu Y, Luo P, Xiao L, Song Y, Wang C, Dong Z, Li M, Tipoe GL, Wu D, Yang M, Lv Y, Wang F, Wang H, Xiao J.
30 May 2022

Thyroid hormone and ALK5 inhibitor improve maturation of human pluripotent stem cell derived hepatocytes

Withey S, Gerrard D, Leeson H, Atkinson-Dell R, Harrison S, Baxter M, Wolvetang E, Hanley N.
30 April 2022

Functional Recovery from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Dopamine Neuron Grafts is Dependent on Neurite Outgrowth

Hills R, Mossman JA, Bratt-Leal AM, Tran H, Williams RM, Stouffer DG, Sokolova IV, Sanna PP, Loring JF, Lelos MJ.
19 April 2022

Targeting <i>Echinococcus multilocularis</i> PIM kinase for improving anti-parasitic chemotherapy

Koike A, Becker F, Sennhenn P, Kim J, Zhang J, Hannus S, Brehm K.
12 May 2022

Age- and sex-dependent effects of DNA glycosylase Neil3 on amyloid pathology, adult neurogenesis, and memory in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Egiazarian MA, Strømstad S, Sakshaug T, Nunez-Nescolarde AB, Bethge N, Bjørås M, Scheffler K.
12 March 2022

Functional brain region-specific neural spheroids for modeling neurological diseases and therapeutics screening

Strong CE, Kundu S, Boutin M, Chen Y, Wilson K, Lee E, Ferrer M.
4 May 2022

An isogenic collection of pluripotent stem cell lines with elevated α-synuclein expression

Natalwala A, Behbehani R, Yapom R, Kunath T.
10 February 2022

An innovative hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy approach benefits CLN1 disease in the mouse model

Peviani M, Das S, Patel J, Jno-Charles O, Kumar R, Zguro A, Mathews TD, Milazzo R, Cavalca E, Poletti V, Biffi A.
4 March 2022

Machine learning-aided multidimensional phenotyping of Parkinson’s disease patient stem cell-derived midbrain dopaminergic neurons

Vuidel A, Cousin L, Weykopf B, Haupt S, Hanifehlou Z, Wiest-Daesslé N, Segschneider M, Peitz M, Ogier A, Brino L, Brüstle O, Sommer P, Wilbertz JH.
3 March 2022

Highly efficient generation of isogenic pluripotent stem cell models using prime editing

Li H, Busquets O, Verma Y, Syed KM, Kutnowski N, Pangilinan GR, Gilbert L, Bateup H, Rio DC, Hockemeyer D, Soldner F.
15 February 2022

A Comprehensive Model to Predict Severe Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease after Haploidentical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Shen M, Hong S, Lou R, Chen R, Zhang X, Xu L, Wang Y, Yan C, Chen H, Chen Y, Han W, Wang F, Wang J, Liu K, Huang X, Mo X.
Research Square
11 February 2022

Should Anti-thymocyte Globulin be Added in Post-transplant Cyclophosphamide Based Matched Unrelated Donor Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation for Acute Myeloid Leukemia? A Study on Behalf of the Acute Leukemia Working Party of the EBMT

Spyridonidis A, Labopin M, Brissot E, Moiseev I, Cornelissen J, Choi G, Ciceri F, Vydra J, Reményi P, Rovira M, Meijer E, Labussière-Wallet H, Blaise D, Gorkom G, Kröger N, Koc Y, Giebel S, Bazarbachi A, Savani B, Nagler A, Mohty M.
Research Square
16 March 2022

Rapid Recovery of Male Cats with Postrenal Acute Kidney Injury by Treating with Allogeneic Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cell-derived Exosomes

Li W, Wang W, He X, Liao Z, Aierken A, Hua J, Wang Y, Lu D, Zhang S.
Research Square
8 April 2022

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