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21 March 2020 | Amsterdam, NL – Did you discover the StemJournal newsletter? Dispatched regularly, it delivers our latest journal news directly to your inbox.


Amsterdam, NL – Did you discover the StemJournal newsletter? Dispatched regularly, it delivers our latest journal news directly to your inbox.

As StemJournal (STJ) is still a new journal, we are not (yet) overflowing with published content and the majority of the work goes on in the background, to get the word out there to researchers and encouraging them to submit papers and protocols for consideration. We are continually developing aspects of the journal and components of its parent StemHub, and we will inform you of the latest news via our newsletter.

The STJ founding Editor-in-Chief Chad Cowan commented at the launch: "I am confident that StemJournal will attract and publish the latest breaking advances in our field. Importantly, with its broad focus the journal also seeks to provide a forum for studies that use stem cells to develop novel therapies and perhaps even cures for people suffering from devastating diseases.” He commented, “Together with the growing StemHub, our vision is to build a community for all stem cell researchers to share ideas and advance the field to developing the cures of tomorrow."

At the start of this year, Chad was joined by Co-Editor-in-Chief Niels Geijsen at the help of the journal. "I am honored to be working alongside Chad as StemJournal continues to evolve and grow. Our goals are to keep pace with developments in this burgeoning field and lower the barrier to publishing truly integrative biomedical research on stem cells. Our intention is to provide an environment uniquely positioned to publish important innovative research as well as foundational knowledge that is sharable and reusable across disciplines," commented Niels.


Latest Newsletter

In our latest newsletter – dispatched exactly one month ago, view it here – we introduced our audience to Niels and we also announced another change in the senior team, with the news that Stephanie Willerth was promoted from Associate Editor to Senior Editor.

Alongside this, we were thrilled not only to announce the publication of our second journal article, we also shared the Q&A session that we had with the lead author Martin Rodriguez-Porcel to discuss the latest advances in the molecular imaging of stem cells. 

StemJournal newsletter (part of StemHub for stem cell researchers)


We were also pleased to inform our newsletter audience for the first time all about the new component of StemHub, our preprint portal StemRxiv. If you jump to the relevant section of stemjnl.org, you can already check out the options for transferring your preprint to StemJournal (this has been up and running since late last year, read more here). Coming next month, we will be announcing the next phase of this project when you will be able to search for stem cell preprints directly from this website! Make sure you sign up below to be kept updated about this exciting new development.

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