Chad Cowan Steps Down as Co-Editor-in-Chief of StemJournal

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Amsterdam, NL – Chad Cowan, PhD, has decided to step down as co-Editor-in-Chief (EIC), of StemJournal, with immediate effect, following the co-founding of Clade Therapeutics and assuming the position of CEO. As a consequence of his shift from academia and the significant commitments in running Clade Therapeutics, he is stepping down from the journal, also to prevent any potential conflict of interests.

As an Associate Professor at Harvard University in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology and at Massachusetts General Hospital, Chad held appointments in the Center for Regenerative Medicine, the Cardiovascular Research Center and the Center for Human Genetics Research. Chad was also Director of the Diabetes Disease Program and the iPS Cell Core Facility at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

Dr. Cowan explains his decision to step away from the journal: “I have been honored to found and be co-Editor-in-Chief of StemJournal, as a fledgling international journal publishing stem cell research, supporting the principles of openness, equity, inclusivity, diversity and transparency in science and the journal’s ‘unique’ relationship with StemBook. During this time, I’ve been privileged to work alongside co-Editor-in-Chief Niels Geijsen, PhD – as well as the exceptional journal team at IOS Press. I’m deeply grateful to the Editorial Board who contribute their time, talent and expertise to the journal. Together, we are on the road to building something truly special.”

“Running Clade Therapeutics is my main focus and unfortunately, I cannot devote the time I would like to StemJournal. I have cherished my time with the Journal and look forward to seeing it flourish. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has played a role in the journal’s launch and my best wishes for its future success.” 

The journal is now in the capable hands of two outstanding scientists and co-Editors-in-Chief, Niels Geijsen, PhD, and Giorgia Quadrato, PhD.

Nello Spiteri, PhD, Consulting Publishing Director of StemJournal comments: “It’s been an honor and a great pleasure working with Chad, from the very first day we met in Boston, to launching StemJournal. He brought some innovative ideas to the stem cell ‘table’, especially working together with him seeing the StemHub concept become reality. I wish Chad every success in his new endeavor.”