HSCI Retreat 2020 Abstracts Published in StemMeets

HSCI 2020 abstracts, published in StemMeets

27 July 2020 | Amsterdam, NL – The abstracts from the 15th Annual HSCI Retreat have been published in the StemMeets section of our website!

HSCI Retreat 2020: Translating Science to the Clinic

Amsterdam, NL – The abstracts from the 15th Annual HSCI Retreat have been published in the StemMeets section of our website!

With the launch of StemMeets earlier this year, there are now two options for publishing your Meeting Abstracts in association with StemJournal. These can either be published as (a) supplemental issue of StemJournal (via the journal's content platform; for which a production fee may apply) or (b) as individual abstracts in the section of StemMeets on stemjnl.org. We are now pleased to announce that a new "abstracts issue" has been published (via the latter method) and more details can be discovered below.

HSCI Retreat 2020


About HSCI Retreat 2020

In May every year, the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) holds a retreat for researchers, staff and the HSCI community at large. HSCI's research community encompass es several hundred investigators working in laboratories throughout Harvard’s affiliated hospitals and research institutions, spanning multiple disciplines, and this is an occasion to share research findings with those colleagues.

The retreat is a day of lectures, trainee presentations, panels, breakout discussion groups, and poster sessions. The 2020 event, which took place on May 20, continued the tradition – this being the 15th Annual HSCI Retreat – with one exception to the norm: this year it was an entirely virtual gathering.

The event was chaired by Jon Hoggatt (Massachusetts General Hospital) and Zuzana Tothova (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), with the morning keynote lectures presented by Stuart Orkin (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) and Erica Esrick (Boston Children’s Hospital) having a focus on sickle cell gene therapy.

The next lectures were by April Craft, PhD (Boston Children’s Hospital), Eric Olson, PhD (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center), and Sarah Mojarad (University of Southern California),.  These talks covered the topics, respectively, of cell specification for knee joints, gene editing for monogenic muscle disorders, and the need for scientists to reclaimi the narrative on social media. Sarah Mojarad, a specialist in science communication and social media, is calling stem cell scientists to make their voice heard online and she shared details of her keynote presentation in a thread on Twitter (see here).

Full details of the 15th Annual HSCI Retreat are available on the HSCI website here.


Abstracts Issue Published in StemMeets

During the online event, a large number of poster abstracts were presented, with a small proportion being invited for oral presentation.

Now, you can view here the abstracts that were submitted from the 15th Annual HSCI Retreat and which have now been made freely available and published in StemMeets. In total, there are 17 abstracts available – and we are hopeful that a proportion of this research will go on to be submitted for publication as full articles, when the time comes, to our open access StemJournal (discover how to submit here). We also have an option to expand on these abstracts and publish as Poster Reports (find out more here).

View the HSCI Retreat 2020 abstracts here or by clicking the visual below.

Discover more about StemMeets here and about our preprint portal StemRxiv here.


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