Introducing StemJournal Senior Editor: Winston Hide, PhD

winston hide

17 Jan 2019 | Amsterdam, NL – We are pleased to introduce the senior editors of our new open access publication.

Amsterdam, NL – We are pleased to introduce the senior editors of our new open access publication.

Winston Hide, PhD is the Senior Editor for StemJournal responsible for overseeing all submissions related to computational biology and data science. His research background applies systematic organizing approaches to data from genomics and omics together with resulting phenotypes – to reveal critical disease processes occurring in cancer, complex, and infectious diseases.

Professor Winston Hide is co-director of the Non-Coding RNA Precision Diagnostics and Therapeutics Core Facility at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, USA. His group performs translational bioinformatics for discovery and prioritization of target and drug ncRNAs for delivery as novel RNA therapeutics. Currently, the group's focus lies on understanding the compound relationship between upstream drivers of cellular and disease state.

Having graduated from the University of Wales (Cardiff, UK) and Temple University (Philadelphia, USA) with a PhD in molecular genetics, Winston’s post-doctoral training took him to the University of Texas (USA), and he has since worked at various institutions and corporations (the Smithsonian Institution National Natural History Museum, MasPar Computer Corp., and Baylor Human Genome Centre). His career has seen him be involved in the founding and development of a number of ventures, including the South African National Bioinformatics Institute at the University of Western Cape in South Africa and the bioinformatics strategy for the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI), where he founded its Center for Stem Cell Bioinformatics – the host of Stem Cell Commons. He has recently returned from the UK where he established a Centre for Genome Translation at the University of Sheffield, and now established at Harvard to continue his career in Boston.

Winston joins StemJournal with a wealth of experience interpreting biological data. He explains, "The interpretation and distribution of high dimensional biological data is at a rubicon. Now is the decisive time to launch an integrative journal that can truly address the challenge of bringing data driven research together with knowledge to drive new understanding of stem cell biology. By celebrating an open access forum for communicating outstanding research in stem cell biology, with ample opportunity to engage with disease modeling, computational and systems biology, and data science, we provide the venue for actioning stem cell data and its interpretation."

On joining the Editorial Board as a Senior Editor, Winston comments, "At StemJournal, we will strive to address the needs of data integration, format standardization and reproducibility to lower the barrier to truly integrative biomedical research. I look forward to working with the community to deliver novel impactful insight into data driven understanding of life."