Introducing StemJournal Senior Editor: Laurence Daheron, PhD

laurence daheron

24 Jan 2019 | Amsterdam, NL – We are pleased to introduce the senior editors of our new open access publication.

Amsterdam, NL – We are pleased to introduce the senior editors of our new open access publication.

Laurence Daheron, PhD is head of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute iPS Core Facility in Cambridge, MA, USA. She joins the Editorial Board as Senior Editor, with a responsibility of overseeing all submissions relating to protocols.

Dr Laurence Daheron earned a master’s degree in cell biology from the University of Rennes, and a PhD from the University of Poitiers, France. As a post-doctoral fellow, she went on to study chronic myelogenous leukemia in Dr Calabretta’s lab, at Jefferson University, Philadelphia (USA). In 2001, Laurence joined Dr George Daley’s lab at the Whitehead Institute, MIT, Boston, MA, USA, a pioneer in human embryonic stem cell research. There, she studied the molecular mechanisms of human embryonic stem cell self-renewal. After 4 years, her next move was to the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Technology at Massachusetts General Hospital to launch a hESC core facility. Next, came the appointment, in July 2008, to her current position as director of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute iPS (induced pluripotent stem) core facility. She works with the leaders in the field to establish new disease-specific iPS lines for the international scientific community. Recently, the core facility added genome editing and specific lineage differentiation to the list of services provided.

StemJournal now welcomes Laurence to the team where she will oversee protocol submissions. Our new open access journal, along with StemBook, will be a vehicle for validating and updating current protocols, encompassing various methods to generate, edit and differentiate induced pluripotent stem cells into various lineages. She will work together with our StemBook team and the Stem Cell COREdinates – a group of core facilities from all around the world that have come together with the goal to share knowledge, expertise, and further the spread of stem cell science. Laurence comments about her new role, "I am honored to be a Senior Editor for StemJournal and very excited to work on the protocol sections of both StemJournal and Stembook with the Stem Cell COREdinate group."