Introducing StemJournal Associate Editor: Jonathan Hoggatt, PhD


9 April 2019 | Amsterdam, NL – We are pleased to introduce you to the people behind our new open access publication. Introducting Jonathan Hoggatt, StemJournal Associate Editor.

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Amsterdam, NL – We are pleased to introduce you to the people behind our new open access publication. Introducting Jonathan Hoggatt, StemJournal Associate Editor.

We welcome Jonathan Hoggatt, PhD as an Associate Editor of StemJournal. Of his new appointment, Jon comments, "With increasing interest in open access publications, I am looking forward to helping bring StemJournal to our community as a new source of great science and timely stem cell commentary."

Dr. Hoggatt is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and holds appointments in both the Center for Cancer Research and Center for Transplantation Sciences of Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also a principal faculty member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and an affiliate faculty member of the Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology Department at Harvard University.

Jon trained with Dr. Louis Pelus at Indiana University School of Medicine and did his post-doctoral training with Dr. David Scadden at Harvard University. As an expert in stem cells and hematopoiesis, his research endeavors focus on translational science in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. These studies have led to several clinical trials, licensed patents, and high profile papers in Nature, Nature Medicine, Cell, Blood, Leukemia, and others. He holds several patents in novel stem cell therapies and is a co-founder of Magenta Therapeutics.

Research efforts in the Hoggatt Lab over the last several decades working to develop therapies have largely focused on finding so called “magic bullets” – a small molecule or perhaps protein biologic that can be given to the patient as a drug to cure their disease. Jon explains, “We believe that the cures of the future will come from tapping in to the body’s natural regenerative capacities or will use cellular therapies, namely stem cell transplantation.” There has been lots of press coverage about this topic, including the NIH Director’s Blog post here. To discover much more about the research being undertaken in the Hoggatt Lab, watch the video below, and check out the great content on the lab’s own Vimeo channel.

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