Editorial Board Member Receives 2019 Innovator in Science Award

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12 April 2019, Amsterdam, NL – We are pleased to announce that Shruti Naik, StemJournal Editorial Advisory Board member, is the recipient of the Early-Career Scientist 2019 Innovator in Science Award.

12 April 2019 , Amsterdam, NL – We are pleased to announce that Shruti Naik, StemJournal Editorial Advisory Board member, is the recipient of the Early-Career Scientist 2019 Innovator in Science Award.

Now in its second year, the Innovators in Science Award biennial program – administered by the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) and sponsored by Takeda Pharmaceuticals – recognizes contributions to science in the therapeutic areas of neuroscience, gastroenterology, regenerative medicine, and oncology, and is intended to support commitment to innovative research. Each time two awards are presented, one to an early career scientist and the other to a senior scientist, and there is a focus on one specific therapeutic area. The inaugural 2017 awards focused on the field of neuroscience, and the 2019 honors researchers in regenerative medicine. The Senior Scientist 2019 Innovator in Science Award goes to Michele De Luca, MD from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.

A few months ago, the award recipients were announced (see here) and next week the 2019 Innovators in Science Award Symposium will take place in Japan. This symposium will showcase the achievements of the two award winners, and will also feature presentations from world leaders in stem cell research and clinical applications. During this event, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, Nobel Laureate and Director of the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application at Kyoto University – and StemBook Editorial Board member – will be the keynote speaker among a group of luminaries who will discuss advances in regenerative medicine and the growing impact of the field on human health.

Shruti Naik comments about this achievement, “I am humbled and honored to receive the early career Innovators in Science Award from Takeda and NYAS. This award serves as a huge endorsement of interdisciplinary science that transcends the boundaries of stem cell biology, immunology and microbiology, seeking to discover the scientific truths that lie at the intersection of these areas.”


Shruti Naik, PhD

Dr. Naik is an Assistant Professor at the NYU School of Medicine, USA. Research in the Naik Lab focuses on immune cell, epithelial cell and microbial interactions to inform therapeutic strategies for conditions such as psoriasis, chronic wounds and cancer. Shruti has a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology and a PhD in Immunology. For her postdoctoral studies, Shruti joined the lab of Dr. Elaine Fuchs at the Rockefeller University as a Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellow. There, she found that epithelial stem cells can harbor a memory of inflammation which boosts their regenerative abilities.

Last month, Shruti joined StemJournal as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board about which she comments: “I am excited to support the movement to make science more accessible through open access platforms by serving on the inaugural Editorial Board of StemJournal.” We would like to congratulate her on her award and wish her all the best for her trip to Japan.

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