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Genetic dissection of the pluripotent proteome through multi-omics data integration

Aydin S, Pham DT, Zhang T, Keele GR, Skelly DA, Pankratz M, Choi T, Gygi SP, Reinholdt LG, Baker CL, Churchill GA, Munger SC.
22 April 2022

A multi-omics approach to visualize early neuronal differentiation in 4D

Samara A, Spildrejorde M, Sharma A, Falck M, Leithaug M, Modafferi S, Bjørnstad PM, Acharya G, Gervin K, Lyle R, Eskeland R.
2 February 2022

Deciphering <i>TP53</i> mutant Cancer Evolution with Single-Cell Multi-Omics

Rodriguez-Meira A, Norfo R, Wen WX, Chédeville AL, Rahman H, O’Sullivan J, Wang G, Louka E, Kretzschmar WW, Paterson A, Brierley C, Martin J, Demeule C, Bashton M, Sousos N, Hamblin A, Guermouche H, Pasquier F, Marzac C, Girodon F, Drummond M, Harrison C, Plo I, Jacobsen SEW, Psaila B, Thongjuea S, Antony-Debré I, Mead AJ.
29 March 2022

Single-cell multi-omics of human clonal hematopoiesis reveals that <i>DNMT3A</i> R882 mutations perturb early progenitor states through selective hypomethylation

Nam AS, Dusaj N, Izzo F, Murali R, Myers RM, Mouhieddine T, Sotelo J, Benbarche S, Waarts M, Gaiti F, Tahri S, Levine R, Abdel-Wahab O, Godley LA, Chaligne R, Ghobrial I, Landau DA.
16 January 2022

A Comprehensive Roadmap of Human Placental Development <i>in vitro</i>

Slamecka J, Tristan CA, Ryu S, Chu P, Weber C, Deng T, Gedik Y, Ormanoglu P, Michael S, Voss TC, Simeonov A, Singeç I.
8 April 2022

Microfluidics-free single-cell genomics with templated emulsification

Clark IC, Fontanez KM, Meltzer RH, Xue Y, Hayford C, May-Zhang A, D’Amato C, Osman A, Zhang JQ, Hettige P, Delley CL, Weisgerber DW, Replogle JM, Jost M, Phong KT, Kennedy VE, Peretz CAC, Kim EA, Song S, Karlon W, Weissman JS, Smith CC, Gartner ZJ, Abate AR.
13 June 2022

Identifying transient and stable bacteria- metabolite interactions from longitudinal multi-omics data

Zhang D, Mullish BH, Wang J, Barker G, Chrysostomou D, Gao S, Chen L, McDonald JAK, Marchesi JR, Cheng L.
Research Square
13 May 2022

Multiplex imaging of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons with CO-Detection by indEXing (CODEX) technology

Heinrich L, Zafar F, Torres CA, Singh J, Khan A, Chen MY, Hempel C, Nikulina N, Mulholland J, Braubach O, Schüle B.
6 February 2022

Single-cell multi-omics defines the cell-type specific impact of splicing aberrations in human hematopoietic clonal outgrowths

Gaiti F, Chamely P, Hawkins AG, Cortes-Lopez M, Swett AD, Ganesan S, Mouhieddine TH, Dai X, Kluegel L, Chen C, Batta K, Beaulaurier J, Drong AW, Hickey S, Dusaj N, Mullokandov G, Su J, Chaligne R, Juul S, Harrington E, Knowles DA, Wiseman DH, Ghobrial IM, Taylor J, Abdel-Wahab O, Landau DA.
9 June 2022

A Multi-omics Method Enabled by Sequential Metabolomics and Proteomics for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes

Bayne EF, Simmons AD, Roberts DS, Zhu Y, Aballo TJ, Wancewicz B, Palecek SP, Ge Y.
23 June 2021

Isolation, ‘omics characterization and organotypic culture of alveolar type II pulmonary epithelial cells

Li H, Schütte M, Bober M, Kroll T, Frappart L, About GB, Lin Y, Sorg T, Herault Y, Wierling C, Rinner O, Lange BM, Ploubidou A.
19 August 2021

Transcriptional reprogramming of skeletal muscle stem cells by the niche environment

Soleimani V, Lazure F, Farouni R, Sahinyan K, Blackburn D, Hernández-Corchado A, Perron G, Lu T, Ragoussis I, Crist C, Perkins T, Jahani-Asl A, Najafabadi H.
Research Square
14 August 2021

Cell-intrinsic Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor signalling is required for the resolution of injury-induced colonic stem cells

Shah K, Maradana MR, Delas MJ, Metidji A, Graelmann F, Llorian M, Chakravarty P, Li Y, Tolaini M, Shapiro M, Kelly G, Stockinger B.
Research Square
2 September 2021

HIV-specific CD8 T cells from elite controllers have an epigenetic imprint that preserves effector functions

Frias AB, Rutishauser RL, Sharma AA, Mi T, Abdelsamed H, Zebley C, Constantz CM, Stone M, Busch MP, Deeks SG, Sékaly R, Youngblood B.
28 September 2021

RBM17 Mediates Evasion of Pro-Leukemic Factors from Splicing-coupled NMD to Enforce Leukemic Stem Cell Maintenance

Liu L, Vujovic A, Deshpande N, Sathe S, Anande G, Xu J, Minden M, Yeo G, Unnikrishnan A, Hope K, Lu Y.
Research Square
27 July 2021

SOX transcription factors direct TCF-independent WNT/beta-catenin transcription

Mukherjee S, Luedeke DM, Brown L, Zorn AM.
26 August 2021

Multi-omics characterization of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells for the identification of putative critical quality attributes

Maughon TS, Shen X, Huang D, Michael AOA, Shockey WA, Andrews SH, McRae JM, Platt MO, Fernández FM, Edison AS, Stice SL, Marklein RA.
11 May 2021

Identifying a novel role for the master regulator <i>Tal1</i> in the Endothelial to Hematopoietic Transition

Serina Secanechia YN, Bergiers I, Rogon M, Arnold C, Descostes N, Le S, Lopez Anguita N, Ganter K, Kapsali C, Bouilleau L, Gut A, Uzuotaite A, Aliyeva A, Zaugg J, Lancrin C.
3 October 2021

Clonal hematopoiesis is associated with protection from Alzheimer’s disease

Bouzid H, Belk JA, Jan M, Qi Y, Sarnowski C, Wirth S, Ma L, Chrostek M, Ahmad H, Nachun D, Yao W, Beiser A, Bick AG, Bis JC, Fornage M, Longstreth WT, Lopez OL, Natarajan P, Psaty BM, Satizabal CL, Weinstock J, Larson EB, Crane PK, Keene CD, Seshadri S, Satpathy AT, Montine TJ, Jaiswal S, NHLBI Trans-omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) Consortium.
13 December 2021

A spatial multi-omics atlas of the human lung reveals a novel gland-associated immune niche

Meyer K, Madissoon E, Oliver A, Kleshchevnikov V, Wilbrey-Clark A, Polański K, Richoz N, Orsi AER, Mamanova L, Bolt L, Elmentaite R, Pett J, Huang N, Xu C, He P, Dabrowska M, Pritchard S, Tuck E, Prigmore E, Perera S, Knights A, Oszlanczi A, Hunter A, Vieira SF, Patel M, Yoshida M, Worlock K, Lindeboom R, Nikolic M, Georgakopoulos N, Mahbubani K, Saeb-Parsy K, Bayraktar OA, Clatworthy M, Stegle O, Kumasaka N, Teichmann S.
Research Square
20 May 2022

Integrative molecular roadmap for direct conversion of fibroblasts into myocytes and myogenic progenitor cells

Kim I, Ghosh A, Bundschuh N, Hinte L, von Meyenn F, Bar-Nur O.
21 August 2021

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